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Hi David, I just wanted to sincerely thank you for the trading room. Yes, I've made some money by following you but more importantly, it's given me a pretty good education on the oil futures market. There was time a month or two ago when I was starting to lose hope but you've helped resuscitate my trading career. Thank you for the education and thank you for giving me something to look forward to every trading day!!! Neil USA 07-28-17

David, Thanks for asking about my trading. I am doing very well with my trading. Sometimes I say to myself. "Damn ...David is a genius !!" I have slowed down on trying to be an expert at every trade. I have focused on a few code 2 codes and European codes. I have done a probability analysis on certain codes to see how many times they occurre within the last 100 plus days. 1:2 plus RRR with good money management all makes since. knowing these elements helps keep emotions out of the trade. Thanks Orvey USA 07-24-17

Yes, I'm doing great and finally making money with it. Building up my confidence and upping contracts. All thanks to you! Ramona USA 07-23-17

Just wanted to follow up again to say that I made my first trade using the code this morning. I caught the ****** at 46.40 with 2 contracts and exited at 46.70 which was the previous high of the day at the time. Of course I'm still new at this so I wasn't sure how to determine if it would have surpassed that to over 47.00 so I just stuck with what I was more familiar/comfortable with and got out. I also had to go to work so I wanted to have a nice quick trade this morning. I was supposed to be at work at 9am EST, but I wanted to trade this morning and my job gives me a little flexibility on my schedule sometimes. Also just wanted to add that I am an engineer so I love data and looking at charts. I've been trading stocks for 5 years. Not day trading, but holding for a few months at a time and getting 20 - 30% return the last 2 years. Since I like more technical analysis, I never really liked how stocks behave due to news and public sentiment. I like the volatility of oil futures and hope I can transition from an engineer to solely making my income from futures trading. I actually have a job I like, but I'd like to have the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world at any given time. Before I bought your courses, I had 3 previous futures trades that were mainly just made blindly other than trying to use some technical analysis I've used for stocks previously. They were all 1 contract each. The first one I made $260, the second one I made $1,900, and the last one I lost $300. The one I made $1,900 on was pure dumb luck and I made it this past Tuesday July 11th. I was trying to trade based on the news of crude inventories coming out. Since we had a holiday weekend, I was assuming it was a high travel week that would result in lower crude inventories. I opened the trade before I went to work and put a 50 penny stop on it. I can't access my futures trades from work so I just had to watch it helplessly throughout the day until I could get home and close the trade. I would have taken profit at $1,200 if I had access. I was just lucky it went up another $700 before I got home. Felt like I was driving 200 mph with a blindfold on during this trade. I didn't get a lot done at work that day. I wanted to have a better understanding on trading strategies and feel more in control which led me to your courses. I figured I'd learn something I didn't know for $600 and trading blindly like I had been would have made me lose more money than that. Long story short, so far so good. Thanks for replying to my emails. I'm sure you are a busy person so I definitely appreciate the personal attention. Scott USA 07-14-17

Hi Dave, I just wanted to send another email to tell you how well I’m doing in the room. (+$4,000 so far). I also wanted to comment on today’s Trade Friday 7/14/17. You are teaching me a great trading lesson. You must hold for the target you set. This is hard and does not always work but in the long run this is what makes you a successful in trading. This is something I am working on and I just wanted to thank you for helping me with this. Take Care, Ron USA 07-14-17

Hi David, I thought I would drop you a courtesy email to let you know that I have cancelled my subscription to the oil room. I do plan to subscribe again. I also wanted to take this time to tell you a few things out of genuine appreciation and thoughtfulness. First of all, as an experienced trader I am constantly learning and adding new tools to my trading toolbox. It is my belief that you never really stop learning, so I am constantly open to new ideas, this is one of the reasons I invested my time and money into learning what you were offering. One of my trading strategies in the past revolves around what I call ***** trading, close to what your teaching, but not with the pin point targeting you teach. When I ran across your videos on YouTube I became very interested in the ***** of your trading and how the market moves *******. On another note, it is nice to be involved in a room where people are communicating back and forth with the same goal in mind. I can only imagine making trades for everyone can be taxing, and I can see how it could affect how you take trades. I think your doing a great job and you teach well, so keep up the good work. Happy Trading to you, and everyone in the room. Thank you, Curt USA 06-30-17

Hi Dave, I’m a new Trading Room member (only 3 days). I just wanted to say even though the market has been very choppy and hard to trade lately, your room has been managing to make a profit. I know that the profits are a little smaller right now and may take a little longer because of current market conditions…but they are still profits. I know for a fact that other rooms are not making money now. I have been trying to be successful for 10 years without much success. I thank God there is someone out there like you. To be willing to help us struggling traders be successful and sit alongside you and hear you talk through what you’re seeing on the chart. You are an amazing person and very appreciated. Thanks Ron P.S. I am going to purchase the course on Code 1 & 2. I NEVER would have even considered it without the live Trading Room. It’s one thing to read or watch a video on how to do something, but it’s another thing to watch it in “real-time” combined with your experience. I know for a fact, that’s the best way to learn and earn. Ron USA 06-23-17

Hello, David I'm still trading 2-3 days a week when I can. I have been learning the codes fairly well. Working 20-40 tics to build up from earlier losses in 2016. Even the ******** code you explained a few times seems to work well on Monday and Tuesday most of the time for 60-100 tics. Are you planning to have another online or office session to see how we are really doing IAW your training skills. I recently moved to Oahu for a while to see how it really is living in Hawaii; I still have a place in FL. I would like to stop over and visit you at your new office in Bangkok if possible if the cost isn't too bad. Thanks again for all your doing. I think the less you tell those idiots that tried to ruin you when your on your youtube videos the less they will know and lesser chance with them creating more changes into the computer programs to throgh us off. Just a thought; you can do whatever you want. You do know your stuff, thanks. Sincerely, Neal USA 03-29-17

Thanks, I figured it out. Hey I just wanted so say thanks for sharing what you, somehow, figured out. The new course code1 and code2 short videos are awesome. USA 03-27-17

Thank you. Made $1,850.00 this morning on 5 contracts. Entered at ***** after the opening fall. I had to ride out some red for a little bit as a result but overall a winning trade. 3 quick questions to clarify and help me make my entries better and I promise to leave you alone lol. First, do you recommend taking the falling knife opening move as it seems pretty lucrative or just taking the reaction to it? Second, I'm assuming ***** today was a better entry but there was also a strong wick at 6:06am. Not trying to split hairs just want to be taking the best possible entry I can and be clear on this. Any advice since its fresh and real time this morning? Lastly, ****** charting tip came today at ****** on my computer and seemed way more clear to me in terms of being able to react after a spike move if I'm getting this correctly? Made another $1,500.00 in SIM mode practicing that one. Anotherwords, hoping it wasn't just luck? Thanks, Tony

Hey David, just wanted to let you know that the charting service is great and is helping me a lot. Also the oil news for this week is coming out Thursday at 8 AM PST (http://www.eia.gov/petroleum/supply/weekly/schedule.cfm).

I also am wondering what other specific instruments do you know of that the code 1 and/or code 2 work well on? Thanks again for all the help =) Chris USA 02-22-17

Good morning David. Want to show my appreciation to you. Thank you for sharing the codes with me. I am so impressed by your codes. Look back to yesterday chart, it was made a double top at euro session, and made a quick drop afterward, and thats is what you mentioned in the video course. But so pity, my trade was hit the stop loss yesterday and i was not able to make another entry at euro session, due to my job =( But i will try hard going forward to watch out the euro code and usa code. Will try to use the code 1 for entry and stop loss point for the code 2. And hopefully i can get back all my lost in this year. Thanks again! Your code is incredible =) Best Regards Gabrielle USA 12-12-16.


Hello David, I'm ***** Yap from Malaysia. I've watched Code 1 & Code 2 videos and started to tracking Code 2 by myself. It's fascinating to learn how the computer works and how it manipulates oil price. There's no big trader or fund manager moving prices up and down. I'm glad I bought your courses, I would like to master this knowledge and skill so that I'm able to hit 50 - 100 ticks trades with ease like you always do. Anyway I have a question, in the first Code 2 video, you mention that you are going to teach us how to use the 10 min chart, but as I continue watching the rest I didn't find it. I've watch a lot of your trade on YouTube. During code 2 entry, you use 10 min chart to check on the codes whether the code is still good hold or it's about to reverse and adjusting the stop. Could you explain how to see the code with 10 min chart and how to adjust the stop? Thank you. Regards, Yap **** , 09-23-16 Malaysia

Dear Mr. David Before discussing the codes, I want to really show my appreciation and respect to you and your person. You are a courageous man indeed. I have met some people that are willing to help but I have never met any one trying hard to help others by sharing his hard work and years of experience to let them make more money and afford more to their families. Your courses and services are a blessing to me and my family as I learned it when I needed extra income. I hope this continues for the good of everyone. Thank you again. As for my trading, I didn't go into many successful trades as you already called in the charting as I am on vacation and I am not on the internet most of the time. But, I learned not to be very excited as I have lost 20 ticks on the first 4 trades because I was taking it early making 30 ticks and then it reverted on me and lost the 20 ticks stop. But the last two were great and I am sure the future will be a great. (next week last week of vacation) Regarding the mentoring service, I have heard on youtube that you will be holding the mentoring service. I will join for sure but I would like to have some further details of how to join and what application will be used to attend. Also, I am working on a "Cheat Sheet" summarising all your codes in one sheet. If you like me to share it with you during next week so you can review it and maybe share it with all the mentoring students. As you mentioned the videos are very important but can be confusing because of the quantity of information so maybe this can help you see how your students are seeing things and if you want to share it with the others. Also, please consider me as a volunteer in case you need any assistance. I have good working experience in finance and accounting, so I can help in doing the summaries or keeping track of things. I know it is not much to what you are offering but if I save you sometime doing any if this work or similar I will be glad to help. Finally, I spared some time and wrote down most of my inquiries on excel. I will be really glad if I have the answers before the mentoring so it will be more clear for me on the mentoring session and incase I had further questions. Kindly find attached the file and pasted below: Ali, 09-18-16, United Arab Emirates

Hai David, Thanks for the eyes opening videos of code 1 and code 2. Really amazing! I am excited to watch your videos days and nights. As of now, I have some confusion about some jargon you are saying in the videos. Hope you can guide me further regarding the below questions:

1. What is significant different between main, temporary, special and secondary timing?

2. What the meaning of "offset by 1,2,3,...,..."? Is that means the recent candle is outside bar or engulfing in normal trading term?

3. What is capitulation move? How to recognise that?

4. Base on attached chart and updates videos of Code 2, shown that USA session is not always goes up. How to recognise correct movement on the particular key reversal ****?

5. I wonder how you can tell tomorrow's Code 2 by today? Is there any sequence or pattern to follow to plan for the next day code 2?

Thank you in advance. Faiz, Malaysia 09-16-16

David,, the information in your videos is very good. Wish you could have included some examples from 2016. Anyway, using your system on a longer *************** charts. The only answer to prayer I got concerns No Martial Law or WW3 before the elections. Still considering your $300 a month tutoring to cement the concepts in your system but pretty much see how to get and use the codes although I do not want to play for such short time periods. Will be in touch. Thank you. Andrew USA 09-12-16

Hi David, I'm enjoying your service very much. I just saw your daily video and thought I might warn you that the news is going to come out t 8 PST instead of 7:30 PST according to investing.com economic calender if you want to warn your subscribers so the 8 PST might get very choppy. I'm not sure but thought you should know. Thanks. Best regards, Mahir. Jordan 09-08-16

You really opened my eyes to how I can make a fortune using time and all my levels. Here's an example of how I would have traded on inventory day after the news at the ****** at my levels. I'm really excited about the future now thanks to you! Byron USA 08-06-16

Thank you for continuing sales of the code system. I have viewed most of your you-tube videos, many of them multiple times. I have a pretty good bead on code one, but code two has me shaking my head. Can`t wait to view the video`s. Thanks again and may the great "I AM" Bless you, and bless all who bless you. I just watched your latest video on the new, new to me anyway, you-tube channel, "Code Trading System" Jan. 21, 2016 Update. I wish to join with you in spirit to 1st., expose these ass-wipes who want to kill, steal, deceive, and destroy all decency. 2nd., to wake up the complacent, welfare state mentality, mind controlled Americans or "world citizens" and expose the arrogant elite class willing to scam, lie, steal, or concoct every evil perversion, including this computer program scam discovery, that you and your code breaking genus gift has unveiled. It should be enough to indite, convict, and put in prison by the thousands. They are criminals.There should be outrage, but instead the multitudes lie dormant waiting for the crumbs to fall off the table. Its FREE they think. Idiots! Wake Up. And the elites think they can hide until it all goes away. Their hideouts will become their tombs. They beg for the rocks to crush them, but death is withheld. Who has the keys? The One and Only True God, and his Son. Our complacent mindset, and a little fluoride in the water, leaves us a tick away from submission and or ultimate destruction. We will be consumed or we can believe on Him, who said that "we can do all things" thru Him. I'll shut up now, don't mean to sound like a zealot, but your situation is serious. Your enemies will be defeated before you. Its a promise! Keep your genus safe, we're counting on it. Thanks greatly for this opportunity David. At about age 30, I became interested but never had the money or time to start. Always an excuse.This is my first attempt at age 58. God willing, I will be successful at Trading Futures. Sincerely, Steve C. USA 06-06-16

Hi, David. It took me some time to decide whether I should sent this email to you . On one hand, I was extremely excited to hear that you are going to offer a training course in Bangkok this June to teach the code. However, I was worried that the training course might be too expensive to be disappointed when I hear the price, and I can not afford it.I thought over my head many times for the entire week, and now I have the courage to write you about my willingness and support to your cause and belief. Regardless of the my dilemma, I am in full support, and am a firm believer that the entire financial industry is a fraud in itself. Here are my questions at last: 1) How much is the training course to visit and learn properly? (Personally, I am not good at it all, and have hard time to start on the right direction.) 2) Is there an availability on June traning course that you are offering? PS. I guess I can save on the plane ticket since I am so close to your location. Thank you once again, and I really hope to see you in person to talk about life. By the way, I am going to join the charting service soon when I get some extra time and money....Cheers...Jae, Korea 06-05-16

wow this is crazy learning the offset it went down now its going up
i keep watching it over and over till i get to the end but watching it live is so much better this system rocks Ronald, USA 05-17-16

Also, just wanted to let you know that I find your charting service and videos invaluable and very informative. Probably the best education anybody can get out there!!! Keep up the good work and best of luck!! Still waiting to hear more news about your mentoring program you talk about...Vladimir USA 05-13-16

Oil Trading Academy Review

Dear My tutor for trading Oil Futures Hi, David I am really appreciate you for your oil trading academy and charting service. They are Very helpful and I am enjoying watching them. I trade Oil Futures (since last March). I am not sure about some issues so here are some questions. 1. How can I detect the "Real codes' among possible(or special) codes in real time while I am trading? 2. What should I consider for Short or Long Position? I hesitate to enter trade as I can't be sure about direction; will they be going Up or Down? which way? 3. After finding the codes, how can I enter a trade. (Timing and price) ex. Last Friday, when I dectect the codes of "******", when shouId I enter trading and what is price range? 4. Please explain more about the meaning of "Upseff by" in Code1. I hope to do more trades after receiving your answers. Thank you in advance and have a good weekend. Best regards, from Seoul, Korea 05-07-16

Oil Trading Academy Review

Dear David, First of all, I want to say that I am really pleased with your service and you can count on me to be a loyal customer if the service stay as it is . Also I am interested in the mentoring program (group) and would like to know more on how would it work and what would be the price. Would we have a free trial as loyal customer :) Also regarding the trade your are taking. Are they real time , do you record them and if you post them, where do you post them as I cannot see them on your web site. It would be great to visualize them very quickly maybe same day or one day after the trade you took. Thanks Sven, London 05-06-16

Oil Trading Academy Review

I am so happy i can finally learn the code,i am almost there with code 1,i think part of me is saying this is too good to be true,but i see it every morning free trading the code. My only problem is: mathematically how far back do i go or when do i start calculating all the code *****,how many **** back and which ones do i pick,is it the one that reverses more at that ***** or different ones,but i think so far i got the free trading code 1. Junior USA 05-05-16

Oil Trading Academy Review

Yes, I watched both of the new videos that you posted yesterday and saw that you got out early. You are so good with trading the code!!!! I got out way early due to fear that it would not hit my 30 ticks target, but you made 60 ticks!!! Amazing. :) Thank you for these videos. It really helps me and others. :) Kimberly USA 05-05-16

Oil Trading Academy Review

I understand! Thank you for the response and thank you for these courses. I purchased the 600$ package and was up until 5 am last night watching with my jaw on the floor. I plan on finishing the courses by tomorrow night. What step do you recommend I take once I finish the 2 courses and the videos? I am eager! (But not impatient) Edward USA 05-04-16

Oil Trading Academy Review

Thanks ! I do feel bad bout not paying. I am not as successful as I should be or want to be at this time. I am slowly making strides and getting better. Entries are great and its amazing to see these codes hit every single time like the 20 and 50 today.I think my biggest problem is moving my stops up to quickly after 10 tics when trading code 2 and then getting stopped out and then to see crude oil moves another 50 to 100 tics. Grrrrr !!I will be taking your mentoring classes to tweak my approach. I am sure its what I need. Do you have an estimate of the cost? I will be ready to go, because I know the value of this course.But I have to tell you this is without a doubt the best approach to the markets I have ever seen. I have looked at many youtube videos that advertise other oil trading courses and I see the crude oil charts, and on those charts I see where crude oil moves off the key codes. Amazing !!! I have gone through your course a few times and I pickup something new every time. I could go on and on how great this course is, but I am sure you have heard it many times. I sincerely appreciate you offering this course, because I have something to look forward to use as income for life. Thanks Orvey, USA 05-04-16

Oil Trading Academy Review

Hi Dave, I purchased your code 1 & code 2 courses back in early march of this year......really good stuff!! I just subscribed to your charting service as of today. Can you please update my email address for all correspondence & charting service login to: thanks Frank, Canada 05-04-16

Oil Trading Academy Review

Hi David ,I'm very happy that I purchased your best products code1&2 I have a forex micro account I want to know how to apply code 1&2 in forex And what is the best time frame please to trade. Thank you very much Best regards. Tarik, FL USA 05-04-16

Oil Trading Academy Review

David, Good evening. I just saw the video you uploaded today on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5auGlYfYpHM). I played that same trade this morning. I am just wondering how you are able to guess how many ticks that trade can go? I was guessing 40 ticks and exited it out way too early. Can you maybe explain your method in determining how many ticks a trade can go? Finally making some money from your trading course. My wife and myself are very thankful for what you are doing. We found a medical company in Europe that has a experimental natural healing process for my wife who is very sick. The dam pharmaceutical companies here in America only want to give you drugs that can mask the symptoms while on the back end if you take their "answer drug" long enough it'll give you cancer. It's been extremely stressful, but the proceeds from these trades is going directly to make my wife better and pay for the medication. So from the bottom of my heart thanks again for everything you do for me and my family. God moves in mysterious ways! You have definitely made my Christmas list this year!! Regards, Rick USA 03-03-16

Hi David, I have a question that you probably answered many times. I've watched all of your video courses as well as being a charting member. If you have such a high degree of accuracy of hitting your big trades, why do you only trade with 5 contracts? Why not use 10 or 20 contracts ? I would like to trade full time when I have sufficient funds. I am curious if you trade under an enity, Do you have Trader Tax Status with the IRS? Is the breakout technique something that you just recently started using? It seems like your earlier videos you were either using the code 1 or free trading. The recent videos it seems you have been taking the break. Unless that's what you have been doing the whole time without me realizing. Anyway, Thanks for the charting and tracking the code 2 ! The breakout technique has been working great. -Daniel 01-31-16

Daniel Review of Oil Trading Academy

HelloDavid, thank you for your videos. I'll apply your method and give you news . Fares 01-28-16

Fares Review Oil Trading Academy

Hey David love the videos. I have a few questions. 1. What is the best code time for me to go in and grab at least 20 ticks a day instead of taking a code trade and running right into another code for it to potentially reverse? 2. How can I hold a code trade that was good for the time that you're holding for shown in the videos? Thanks Elijah 01-28-16

Elijah Review Oil Trading Academy

Hello David, I have been studying code 1 and code2 for a while, there are great systems.But I still have some question about setting target when Im using code 2. Can you introduce a little bit how u set your target? Thank you!

Zheng, USA 01-28-16

zheng oil trading academy review

Good Morning David. Thanks for your Mail. I have started watching the videos an I'm stunned. I have 2 questions: 1. Which Trading Platform You are using ? which one do you recommend ? (I have A Trading Account at Interactive Brokers..) 2. Do I get a kind of A Trial Period of your Charting Service - I would like to see and feel it while I practice on Demo System. Thanks and have a Great Day. Sharon, Israel 01-28-16

Sharon oil trading academy review

David, You have definitely stumbled across something here. My mouth hit the floor till about 3am last night! I am still watching your training videos now. If I contact Global Zen Trader how long does it take to setup an account? Just wondering. Also when I sign up for the monthly service does that include me in the notifications and chat forums as well? Get back to me when you have a moment. Thanks again for everything. This is a huge blessing for me and my family. As you can tell I am super excited. Talk to you soon. Regards, Rick USA 01-17-16

Rick oil trading academy review

2015 01 04 $ -660 / 5 = -132 2015 01 05 $ 785 / 5 = +157 tic 2015 01 06 $ 150/ 5 = +30 tic 2015 01 07 $ 540 / 5 = +108 tic 2015 01 08 $ -180 / 5 = -36 tic 2015 01 11 $ 405 / 5 = +81 tic 2015 01 12$ -515 / 5 = -103 tic

2015 01 13 $ 515 / 5 = +103 tic 2015 01 14 $ 655 / 5 = +131 tic 2015 01 15 $ 310 / 5 = +62 tic Total 401 tic I can do it better for sure :-) I win not because i don't lose. I lose because i win , thats the diference! Arturas,

Lithuania, 01-15-20

Hi David, I purchased your course yesterday 12/1/15 and was so excited to learn I stayed up late to watch the videos. I have been involved trading crude oil for the the last 2 years with mixed results. You might say I have been on a equity roller coaster. I started pulling trades this morning using code 2 as my guide and applying code 1 and the keys to the one minute chart. This is incredible $3600.00 out of the box ! I just wanted to say thank you for making this information available it has given me a tremendous amount of confidence to be able to "frame" the market. I also took the time to read your blog and also feel that you are a stand up guy and could not agree more with your outlook for our future. Just know that many of us are awake and do see what you see. It is a pleasure and fortunate that I discovered you. 12-02-15

Hello David! Thank you for your prompt response. I am very excited to start this adventure, for a long time I have been waiting for an opportunity like this. I started like you trading stocks from time to time, but I am not a professional on this, I do it like a hobby. I do not know a lot of it, I just do short trades. I will start the videos this evening and when I finish all of them I will let you know if i have any questions about them. Thanks again for everything and for been so humble; and to teach all of us your big discovery (the secret code). Happy Trading! :) Fernando, USA 09-18-15

Hi David, Just wanted to let you know i scored a 100 penny trade on the euro code 2 this AM! Thanks for the call and the charting service. I have been striving to adhere to the principles as well as good trading practices. Question: 1. Any advice / guidance on trading the usa code 2 number 2? Any comments, advice and guidance you can give me is very much appreciated. I have been tracking this every day and it seems that an entry around 2 pm EST on the bar is the way i have been trying to enter this trade. 2. Any other guidance on how i can continue improving is more than appreciated. Thanks again, Abdul Best, Abdul USA 09-18-15

That is awesome feeling after so many years frustration, finaly success and always improoving :) Arturas, Lithuania 09-18-15

David, just want to let you know. Your oil trading strategies paid off this week. Even though I did not hold all the way for the 200-3000 gains I did make $1610.00 trading 4 days this even with the spiking of the computer trades. You have help tremendously and you oil trading system works well most of the time. I do have to review the off sets more to get them correct more often. Let me know when you have a new video on code 1 off sets. Your last 5 code 1 videos is starting to explain things more clearly on watching for the offsets of ***** and even ** sometimes. Also, watching the duplicate ***** after the 1st hour of trading; like ******, and *****. Thanks again for helping the small individuals out. If all goes well with your operations this year you should consider having yearly reunion somewhere to enjoy your wealth strategies with us. I would help you organize an event like this. Just a thought. Enjoy your long weekend. Sincerely, Neal ***** (Yacht Broker) USA 09-06-15

Good Morning David, Almost finished to view all videos, your a genius, if this is real you found the most powerfull way to trade! In regards to the Service that you offer daily, is it something that we receive via mail with charts? Or do you offer some kind of live seminar to explain what is coming just before it does so to get use to your way of trading? By the way, if you need a good quality of life and being able to start trading arround 3PM think about coming to live in the EU, I can help you if need, I'm in South of France at the moment (French riviera) good food, sunshine 360 days a year etc...Best regards, Dan, France 09-03-15

Sent from Windows Mail Hey David, hope all is well with you. Tell you I would sure like to see you hit the USA code 2 tomorrow for 200 ticks with at least 10 contracts on it. Give your viewers a reals demonstration of your skills as a trader. Anyway I'm already well aware of trading capabilities as I've put a lot of time into all your videos and teachings. Thank you for all the knowledge you have shared. I look forward to getting back to trading, well as you would say the greatest instrument to trade in the world crude oil. I believe me and the rest of your viewers are on your side when I say don't let anyone get you down. This big Mike or any others ridiculing you. Just jealous. Its funny how whenever you do good and excel in life there are always others that want to drag you down to there level. But what I know is you can't keep a good guy down!!! Take care Your the best Matthew USA 09-02-15

Matt Review Oil Trading Academy

Dear David, i know how hard you work, and how you beat the market.. you found real truth in this business..i want to share what i found in 7-8 years of frustration..i broke the chart and , you broke the code...i was always believe in charts that its possible to find a way...now , i will be glad to have so powerful and mental smart friend like you..and i would like to show what i found and in same time learn from you too.we have here big power ... this power can help many people in the world...i know how it feels then you go into streets and see poor people.. how they need help..i believe that we can make good influence,and in same time be more secure in this life. this is one screenshot that i took this trade today... literaly i almost instantly take this , by looking at chart 2 min... this is the power that i can see same things happen and same rules make it work everytime..with only 10- 20 tic stop + 40 tic exit..as much safe as possible..but this trade is not all ... the real break in charts is a bit diferent..i was a music player long time in my life ,so i use word Harmony... and harmony trade shows then its secure.. Talk to you soon friend. And God Bless you! I realy need friend like you i can so much learn about life... in same time i can help as much as i can to you too. Hope you doing great! Arturas Lithuania 09-02-15

Arturas Review Oil Trading Academy

Hey David, Hope all is well. I just wanted to drop you a quick note and says thanks for in-depth help you have been giving us with the offsets. I am nailing the code 1 really well and with your help I am hitting the code 2 also. You have been a great inspiration and mentor with my trading the futures CL market. You have opened my eyes and I am forever grateful to you for sharing this. Kindest regards, Kim USA 09-01-15

Kim's Review Oil Trading Academy

Hello David, I am enjoying the training...and as I mentioned, I am reviewing Code 2 this week. It was good speaking with you. Thank you for your time, much appreciated. Best Regards, Matt ***** (Detroit) USA, 08-31-15

Matt's Review Oil Trading Academy

Thanks David! And I did hit it 211 ticks woooohooo!! 100 ticks ****** you go for 200, you are a genius man! I made 5 trades this week, 3 wins and 2 breakeven stops. This is not about money anymore, it's about regular people having a chance to be successful. Thanks to you for sharing your gift! Sent from my iPad Dave Canada 08-29-15

Dave's Review Oil Trading Academy

Hey David,Good call on the ***** trade this morning. I took the ****** to go short hoping it would roll over at the real code 2 ****. It obviously didn’t, but I did get an extra 24 ticks on the way down. In this choppy tricky time to be up 215 ticks this week is awesome. Charting service is pricless. Hit 2 100 tick trades and 2 stop evens. I hope people are being disiplined like you teach. Going for a 100 ticks is the only way, I learnt that the hard way in April. I just wanted to give you a heads up, I lost my job in April and have started a new one. Trading has actually helped get me through. I am waiting to get paid on Monday, but my credit card is full and I might lose the charting service up until next Wednsday. Im in Canada so the charting service costs me well over $400 every month. Im doing my best to hang in there, I have been with you since Febuary so Im hoping you could grant me a few days. Next year this time, code trading will be my occupation. I will always have the charting service. I was going to call you, but I feel kind of stupid about having to ask this. Either way, Im good and if I have to sign up again so be it. Thanks again David!! Dave Canada 08-28-15

Dave's Review Oil Trading Academy

Hi David, Thanks for responding. I appreciate the candor in your responses. I shall work on that. Today after focusing on the code i was able to get two 100 penny trades. I think the emini s and p course was a huge help. I made some mistakes mostly rooted in being patient and watching the code. Working to address those issues however. Meanwhile just thought id let you know of my recent progress. Thx again, Abdul USA 08-24-15

Abduls Review Oil Trading Academy

Hi Dave, I know you are busy but i wanted to give you an update on my progress. Made some good progress today reading code 1 entry points and i was able to execute two pretty well. 1. I got multicharts.net SE set up on my windows machine and i am working with a demo account so that i can learn how to set up orders and get the environment set up. I have my actual account all set up and ready to go, but i wanted to practice for a short amount of time. I got this setup done pretty quickly, played around with a few different configurations, and was able to connect and make a few orders. 2. This morning 14 August 2015 at 0600 EST i was able to login, connect to the demo account and start looking for the code. I followed some of the guidance on how to read the code 1 for free trading from the second code 1 Q&A video (which i am about half way through). Lots of good examples and corner cases that i was able to apply. 3.(Using the demo account) I was watching for code 1 per what you taught in the video and i observed a long entry on the **** $42.04 **** which was confirmed on the ***** offsets. So i went long at $42.04 with a stop placed on the ***** @$41.98. I set stops for +20 pennies and I was able to close this at 0725 EST at $42.24. So this was very optimistic as i was able to profit (3 contracts) $600. 4. (Using the demo account) Observing more of the code i observed another code 1 entry for a long at ****, confirmed by the **** offset. I entered @$42.28, and closed @$42.37 *** for +7 pennies (3 contracts) $270 I was able to move stops and limits around pretty well using the software so that is also encouraging. I was able to move stops up so that there would be no losses, as you teach on the videos. Based on the last video i was able to observe the code 1 pretty well. Things were pretty tight range-wise this morning so its encouraging to be able to get 27 pennies from 2 trades. I think with some more practice I should be able to gain proficiency. A couple of questions. When i day traded stocks i noticed that filling orders of various sizes occurred at different times. I could easily fill orders of 100 shares, but anything above 300 shares would be a bit more difficult to get filled at the price i wanted. Do you have any information you can share along these lines about optimal lot sizes and guidance on how they get filled for futures markets? I suspect they work the same? Thanks for your help so far, very much appreciated. I attached my multi-charts SE configuration (its a .mcd file) for your review if you have time; any advice on what i "should" make it look like is more than appreciated. Thanks! Abdul, USA 08-14-15

Abduls Review Oil Trading Academy

David - feedback on this morning trade: on my toes, it came early, jumped in, AND NAILED it...... will be be getting up early for Euro Code.... Thanks to you, my corporate days working FOR FMJ's at JCOM are OVER!!! all the best, george USA 08-13-15

George's Review Oil Trading Academy

David code 2 was beautiful today. Let's hope it's finally opening up. I hit it today for 50 ticks. Got in at 43.74 went up 100 ticks. But I am happy with 50 ticks until it really starts moving again. Thanks David. Your a true legend. Allan, Ireland 08-10-15

Allans Review Oil Trading Academy

Hi David, Thank you for the emails with links, passwords and more. I am very exited about the courses and the secret behind. Of course I have to study first and that takes "a lot of time" I am a experienced trader and I am really good in chart reading but this is new and it takes time to learn. All of your video's for as far I calculated takes more than 13 hours watching and probably more. When I purchased your courses I asked you this. Is it correct that when I buy both courses 1 and 2 for $ 600 that I have free access for two weeks in your charting service? You answered : Yes I can give that to you :-) Just make sure to remind me once you purchase and I'll send you a special link for that....David, I don't know what's the best to do right now. I mean for the free 2 weeks charting service :-) ;-) Please, advice me what to do. Watching and go in right now or waiting a few days/weeks when I am ready with studying and learning the codes? I want to study on both courses for the next couple of days/weeks and after that when the time is there I tell you to give me permission for watching the charting service for these 2 weeks........ Is that OK or what do you think is the best? Please, tell me. I am looking forward to your reply. Thanks David! Johan, Netherlands 08-07-15

Johan's Review Oil Trading Academy

Hey David, I thought I'd give you some feedback that the charting service is working very well for me. Over the past few weeks I'm getting the code 2 pretty much everyday, although I'm not really getting the ticks I want since its been so choppy, but I'd rather get rather get stopped out than get out early and watch code 2 go 100+ ticks. My free trading is also getting alot better and I've been using it to trade my way into code 2. I've also been trying to track code 1. I usually narrow it down to a few potential codes and some days I can even find the exact code, alot of days its just not moving enough to narrow it down. I was wondering why you stopped tracking the Euro code in the early window. I recall from the training videos that you were tracking the ******, but that was a long time ago. I've been looking at the charts for the Euro the past few weeks and it looks like it normally sets a top or bottom between ******* and sometimes it comes ****** and just trends through the Euro session. I was wondering what are your thoughts on this? Thank you very much for all of the help you are providing. Have a good weekend. Chris, USA 08-07-15

Chris Review Oil Trading Academy

Hey David, haven't spoken to you in a while. Just wanted to let you know that I'm doing great on the codes and I'm waiting on your code tracking service so we could take this to a whole other level. Hope your doing well and thank you for this blessing. Jose, USA 08-05-15

Jose's Review Oil Trading Academy

Ok. I sent code 2 credit card Thanks sooo much. Don't tell my wife. She's still a non believer. Kevin, USA 08-03-15

Kevin's Review Oil Trading Academy

Hey David, Sounds good, I will continue to work on code 1 free trading ( offsets ). I am actually free trading the code 1 today because it's a holiday in Canada and I don't have to work:-) Simulating of course, it's kind of weird because I'm on ninja trader, and go **** and so on. The charting is going great. I never really trade on Mondays, use Tuesday to confirm. Wednesdays are tricky because of the news, can wipe you out either way. The news day is when I realized this was a computer program. Code 2 I believe came **** this morning, and there were lots of long signals to get in. I didn't know that though, I was looking at the *****. That **** still worked with the break out technique and a 20 tick stop, would have got lucky if I traded it. Will wait for the charting from you and the game plan. 3-4 days of trading code 2 per week is really all anyone should need. I'm still not used to it coming at the ****. But it does take that **** away from them if they keep it there. I am really working hard towards making this my career, patience is not one of my strong points. But I'm learning everyday thanks to you! Thanks, David Canada 08-03-15

Dave's Review Oil Trading Academy

Hey David, I've been using the break out method you taught me for entries on my code 2 trades. It works well when the spread is 15-20 ticks. But when oil heats up again, the spread can be 20-50 ticks, especially when code 2 comes at *****. Code 1 free trading seems to put me 10-15 ticks behind on a reversal trade, with a 20 tick stop on top of that makes me nervous. Just wondering your thoughts on that. I can't tell you how happy I am you resumed your charting service. It's really a gift that you share this with us. Is it better now for you not having to break code 1 all day? Please let me know if there is anything I could help you out with if you get crazy busy again. I consider you to be a mentor even though we've never met. Thanks, and have a great day! David, Canada 08-02-15

Dave's Review Oil Trading Academy

Good call David. Am in on code 2. Came again *****. I am amazed. Going for 70 ticks, Allan, Ireland 07-30-15

Allan's Review Oil Trading Academy

All good David. Got the usa code 2 yesterday. I went for 80 ticks.. I am happy with that. really hoping to get better and better at it. When the codes are offset I struggle a little. When will you have the code breaking service up. Hope your doing ok. Allan, Ireland 07-30-15

Allan's Review Oil Trading Academy

David, FYI I made 85 tics to day and 50 on Tuesday. Today I tracked it too 100 tics but, held back like you did because things started slow this week and was a bit choppy. Then I tried another long entry after my exit too quickly and was booted. So I decided to take my win and wait for tomorrow. I’m starting to read the Euro and US code 2 well. Sometimes hard to figure if one should go long or short even though. I do look for the code 1 entries and do track how many times it keeps breaking in either direction. If it breaks 2-3x then usually it goes that way. Plus as explained by you, once it breaks the high or low for the probable entry I go for it for sure. Still have not figured out how you get so close to the exact ***** that it will break week to week on Mondays before you see it moving. I do have it down pretty good on how many tics it may go after the tops or bottoms form and the run starts. I have a long way to go to get decent at this still. I do like just going with the Code 2 entries. A little less tension trading. But, it is fun to keep going isn’t it? Have a good week: Sincerely, Neal from TPA 07-29-30 USA

Neal's Review Oil Trading Academy

Thanks for the response. I seem to have been able to get the software to the point where my basic settings are a mirror of what you have on your videos. I'm able to enter trades with my stops set perfectly. I'm sure there may be some small details of the setup that I may be missing, so the tutorial will certainly come in handy. The training has me feeling very confident. I am doing a paper trading demo account with the Apex software this week and am up 110 ticks for the week thus far. I had a losing day today (-37 ticks). I've been practicing on oil and have hit 4 out of 6 Code 2 trades I've entered (not all went for 100 ticks though, but were still winners). I missed the first US session Code 2 this morining. I thought it was giving a short indication, but it went long. I lost big and then tried to chase it (LOL, you always say don't chase it). I learned a good lesson. I lost about 40 ticks on that trade. I made it back on the US close Code 2, it didn't go for 100 ticks, but I got back 50 ticks before my stop got hit. So, I'm able to identify the Code 2 pretty well thus far. You mention in the videos that there is a Code 2 for Forex. Does this work for Forex mini futures? Is the Forex Code 2 something that is available to Code 2 tutorial purchasers or is it only for the charting service members? If possible can you do a video for the Forex Code 2 in the training area? I'm new to trading, so I'm considering starting with Forex mini futures due to their lower margin requirement. As I build my confidence (and account) using the code on live trades I'll move to oil. Thanks for everything, Wali USA 07-29-15

Hello David: Just looking at your FAQ last night really helped tremendously. This morning I opened the CLU15 chart and WHAMO! The code made it's appearance and *** and I put it together. It really is a brilliant thing and to tell you the truth, like anything esoteric thing, I wondered if it was your "take" on things or something verifiable. I'm looking forward to mastering this with your help. Sincerely, Sam USA 07-29-15

This tracking system is awesome! I will write a review on the website but thank you for taking the time to do this. This has really given me the opportunity to make great profit. If you were shaky on the code before after you follow the tracking I'm no longer unsure super accurate and now I'm able to clearly see code 2. Heidi, USA 07-29-15

Hi David, Thank you very much for the GAME PLAN that worked really well for me. :-) I made money today. I can't wait for tomorrow. Thanks! Cynthia, USA 07-29-15

Two trades today. Euro code2 and usa code2. Got 60 ticks today very pleased. Looks like usa code 2 ****. Hope am right. Look forward to more of the charting. Thanks David. Have a great day Regards allan 07-17-15 Ireland

Hello David, I love watching the code video updates and going through the Q&A's as well! Thank you for putting those together and making them available to us. Due to a small account size, I will not be able to trade oil until I build my account up. I am considering the YM (which takes a big move *******) and going for about 30 pennies (sometimes it goes a lot further than that!). Are there any suggestions that you could provide in the YM market? I have also looked into M6E. It trades pretty close to the 6E, so I would watch the 6E code but take the entries in the M6E. Which market (YM or M6E) do you think would be best to trade now? Thank you for your time! You are awesome for teaching us how to trade. Can't wait to for you to start posting some YouTube videos again!!!!! (can you make a youtube video of the YM) Jeremy 06-25-15 USA

I WANT TO TELL, FINALY I GET INTO THE CODE DEEPLY... ITS BEST SYSTEM IN THE WORLD... AS OF BECAUSE IT WORKS IN ALL MARKETS... NO MATTER WHAT..AND NOBODY CAN DELETE **** :D YOU ARE GENIUS! THANK YOU TO YOU i found so many diferent ways that code one can be used :) That is amazing...Arturas, Lithuania 06-14-15

Hello David I went live today and made 3 trades trading the Emini S&P. I fumbled at first and was down 4 pennies in a flash. However I remembered to hold until the next code and that cut my loss down to 1 penny. At the end I came out ahead by as much. You have given me the key to the market. I can't imagine a better way to trade. *:) happy Kind Regards Bonakele 6-02-15

Hi David, Thank you so much for making all of this available to the public. You have an enormous amount of integrity to have made your secret available, and also incredible will power not to kick the crap out of these little girly men pestering you, but I guess it's hard to fight someone who always runs away. I'm eager to start trading oil futures, but I'm going to take it slow, and learn the codes so I can earn while I learn. Thanks for your free YouTube trading video's too-hopefully they will wake up a lot of people on what is really going on in the markets, and all the corruption taking place in the US. Dru 6-01-15

Hi David All I can say is holy f@#k!!! I only got through the first 8 videos yesterday, and decided to look at the timed entries around Chicago open last night. I traded SIM, 3 x 20 tick winners in a row (results attached). Mind blown! I obviously have not even scratched the surface of what you are teaching, but "I GET IT". I know you teach a lot of people and I know many struggle to get what you are putting out, but as you say in many of your vid's...this is romper room easy. How do I learn more? What do I need to do to embed this stuff? Are you still running your trading room? or has this now become the charting service? All the best Paul 6-01-15.

David, I have really appreciated all the videos you've created the past few years....on the oil trading academy youtube channel and the information deposit channel, too. And you are absolutely correct. There were a few videos that really cracked me up, too. You are correct about the codes. I've known for over a decade that most or all markets had to be controlled. I want to be able to quickly recognize them and apply them correctly. Anyhow, I'll be studying your videos carefully. I appreciate the knowledge and skill you are passing along at such an inexpensive price. Thanks so much!-Robert 4-22-15 USA

Hi David, Just wanted to let you know that I am working my way through the Code one material and the last video in the program is sooo enlightening. I'm lost for words. When you said this is NOT trading it's a Computer program and that we are trying to identify and then just tagged along for the ride. This is the BEST SECRET ever. I can see how in the old days trading was a person to person thing but now it has changed to computer to computer. Who ever has these computer programs are just dredging the market like commercial fisherman fishing the ocean. No wonder they live in mansions and have yachts. Thank you sooo much. I WILL master this. I have traded the ES for years with no success and now for the first time I can see why regular trading like we all do is such a waste of human energy. I went through yesterday and thursday looking for the code and Damn if it wasn't there just screaming at me. Can't wait to get through code two videos and then watch the ES video since I feel that is my market. Blessings to you my new friend. You are God sent. Bing USA 03-07-15

David, Just to let you know that I am slowly catching on to the code trading and have been doing pretty good the last few days. Since I am in the EST zone, I mainly trade the last Euro code 2 and the 1st and last USA code 2. I want to say that the two classes you gave really helped me. Please update the course with new and recent videos as quickly as you can. Since the codes vary so much, they are by no means easy to figure out therefore we need all the help we can get. Thanks for all your efforts. Jack USA 03-05-15

Hi David, I was able to get in to the videos. Only the first video was not working for me. Make great improvements in trading first day with a $750.00 profit. You mention on your videos a trading room. How do I get in on that?? Mark USA 03-02-15

boom, 2 trades today + 85 + 48 :) very happy, Arturas, Lithuania 02-26-15

Morning David, question is if your calling the euro trade at **** which it did today the Feb.26 pst I live in Calgary Alberta which is one hour ahead of you and if im looking at the very same trade am I actually trading the **** in my time. So David we need to go by the oil number at ***** was around ***** and my ***** was around ***** which clearly worked in the right direction in the euro trade so which one is it **** or **** because your right David it there every early morning unbelievable and is going to be a great winning trade each time but wrapping this thing around my head needs to be figured out what do you think. Frank ps. the charting is great. Canada 02-26-15

I got code 2 usa first code today. 100 ticks am extremely happy. But still finding code 1 very hard. Cannot get entries right on code one. Cannot see code 1. Second usa code I get too. Yesterday I got in at .24 and got my 20 ticks. That's the easiest one by far. Euro code 3 I find hard today. Was very bouncy I think. Thank you David. Hope I get better at this. 100 ticks everyday would be great. Then I could spend more time with my daughter Regards allan Sent from my Samsung device, Ireland 02-25-15

Just want to drop a note to say thanks for all of the time you put into producing YouTube Videos and Charting Service Screenshots and Videos. They have been really helpful for me to confirm that I read the code right for the day. Seeing your mindset as you take trades on the YouTube Videos has been very helpful for me to learn to accept losses and confidently move on to next winning trade. I have been consistently profitable in SIM mode for past few weeks since learning the code with trading no more than 2 contracts at a time and making over $1,000 per day in a very short period of time (less than an hour), but I keep trading anyway to further explore the code. It's simply amazing. I'm looking forward to going live next week. Thanks so much for your services. Wonderful Job. Nicole, USA 02-12-15

Hey David, Just wanted to thank you for the charting service and let you know that its going really well so far - except this morning code 2 was a little tricky - if the code is not coming at exactly ****** - do we just look to see if it makes a high or low at around the code 2 entry ******* but overall i have been hitting these trades quite often and pretty easily - i am still using a practice account - but in the last 2 or 3 weeks i have already doubled my account size - Thanks again and blessings -Rudy USA 02-05-15

Hey David, I took Euro Code 2 right on the ***** and caught 85 pennies or so with 10 contracts. It was around $7,700 profit..I hope its this easy most days. Thanks. William USA 01-28-15

Hello David I am enjoying the code 1 and 2 videos so much. Your observations that a computer is controlling the oil and futures market is spot on. The code itself is absolutely brilliant, thanks to you I am no longer intimidated by the concept of trading. I have learned so much from you, I totally believe in the predictability of the movement up or down that oil makes. I have no doubts that my efforts in learning and applying the code will be rewarded, you have blessed my journey in knowing and seeking the truth. I will definitely sign up for the charting service. I can barely contain my excitement as I have already dispensed with fear and cynicism in my life. The truth can be known and it is better than any alternative. I can't thank you enough, this is going to set me free financially. I'm still learning and trying to absorb all the new knowledge so the question I have is of the most basic level. I saw that you made trades only when you thought oil had reached its peak to catch its downward movement and I thought that is the only way it can be done. So tell me is it possible to profit when oil moves upward? And if so how can it be both ways? Kind Regards Bonakele, South Africa 01-27-15

Hi David, I watched the first Emini video. Please note that I was Sleepy as Hell because I had an exhausting day and started videos late because I was determined to get started with learning the code today. After watching the emini video and catching on to what you were demonstrating, I then went to todays crude oil chart to start noting the **** for swing highs and lows from the **** through *****. I noticed significant instances of swings at *** and ***, so I decided to analyze possibility of taking trades after candle formations of *** and *** during **** today. I also have an indicator that plots all of the swings and I can change the strength so that more or less swings are plotted. This SwingCLG indicator made it easier for me to go through the chart and mark the ***** in my spreadsheets. Take a look at my chart. The Dots represent the swing highs and lows. OMG what a revelation. All of the trades if taken would have netted me 20 cents or more except 1. I love creating forms to simplify my life. Look at the spreadsheet I created. I think I'm finally on to something just from the little bit of information I've listened to so far. I can't wait to learn more. Thank you so much. Nicole, USA 01-22-15

Hi David, I purchased both the code 1 & 2 systems and they are simply amazing! I was one of those traders that got faked into going the wrong way and now I know why. Of course now I will be going the right way. I really did not think the market could be controlled in the manner you describe but now I know it is. The only people being scammed are the people who do not know the code! This will be life changing for me and my family and I am looking forward to being a part of the charting service. Thank you for sharing the code! Regards Stuart, Palau 01-22-15

Greetings David, I’m really loving the code 1 videos. I feel like i’m Neo, and you’re Morpheus. You’re exposing the financial markets for what it truly is. A program that has been manipulated. I had a bit a trouble at first, then I read one of your reviews. A person stated that you recommended to watch the Emini- course after watching the Code 1 videos and it does help. I have a questions about tracking/finding the code for the day. FINDING THE CODE: 1). The CL pit session/open outcry starts at 9:00am EST. Do you track the code in the current session? Meaning, do you wait 2 hours after the open outcry ,and then track the code to see what the code is doing? Or, Should I track the code beginning at 12:00am or 00:00 of each day to begin with? 2). If you do track the code in the current session and wait two hours, should the same rule apply to trading the Asian and Euro Sessions? Wait 2 hours after the Asian open (7pm EST) and two hours after the Euro open (3am EST)? Joshua, USA 01-10-15

David, Hello mate, my name is Paul I live in Sydney Australia, I recently purchased your products, code 1 & 2, plus bonus material that was included, I have been studying really hard and I'm still getting use to the Global zen trader software, but besides that I'm really grateful that you have shared your wisdom of trading with me and others, I thank you David! I started trading on my demo account today for the first time and I managed to get 7 out of 10 trades right so I'm glade I'm on the right track, I'm currently trading crude oil (GCLG5), I was wondering what symbols of crude oil do you trade on David? Thank you for your guidance David God bless. Paul, Australia 01-06-15

Hello David, How are you ? I hope, you are always fine and healthy. You are true that crude oil is better and more easier then forex trading Please kindly see my real account in IronFX broker, I am starting crude oil trading from dec 2, 2014 and the result are pretty good.( the result is 100% more in a month ) That is an trading combination by using my EA and manual trading. I think it would be better if I had studied about your trading code, I am very confident about that. Thank you for your sharing about the crude oil instrument. Talk to you soon Best regard, Sontani CL Trader Indonesia 12-31-14

Thx next year my ultimate goal is become religiuos as much as possible...Well knowing the code, and using patterns , and going to trades only from keys ,incredible results...what i really know now , in same time that so many years of frustration, reaching goal and going to richesness....its so stupid... and now , then i go into streets i feel this matrix , its so all around us, on every corner, and knowing the truth... it brings to me very deep feelings... I hope that this world have still time , so i can create near future my childrens and have happy family. I am very happy to know you, Thank you for the truth. Arturas, Lithuania 12-28-14

Welcome back my friend! I am happy you are staying in the USA! I been trading the one trade Per day for about 2 weeks and I have to tell you, it is truly amazing! I'm excited for the code finding system coming out soon! So great-full to know that you are alive and well in the USA, it is truly a wonderful present for Christmas :-) Jose, USA 12-25-14

Hi David, Fransa Here..how are you doing...all these currencies you mentioned here works exactly on your oil trading code..100% proof that it is the computer controlling it ..I have been trading the Euro/Usd for months now on the binary option trading and it works exactly according to your code..and the Euro/Usd is the best to trade..when there is an event (news) like non farm payroll every first friday of the month...on the days when there are big news I trade Euro/Usd,Usd/CHF,Gold and Silver together..with these news events you get the big spikes. Remember I mailed you awhile ago about a site called call and put, I am now trading with them in 15 min slots following your code. Once again I have an advantage over them as I am following your code and everything I learned from you. I must say this binary trading is much easier than setting my own stop losses. I know when the news are coming out by checking the following site and therefore I know exactly when the spikes will come. The events are ***** as you can see here and if it is red then it is a given for a big spike, I then don't take it immediately but wait for the ***** or ***** mark the take a ***** trade. Binary options is time trading once I have taken a trade it does not matter if it goes 100 pennies or 10 pennies..either way as long as it stops lower or higher within that 15 minutes. The advantage here is also what you have taught us that for week or sometimes just a week , it either turn on ***** or other times **** mark or even ***** mark. I usually study the chart on a Monday and see where it turn and then take it where ever it turns. There are big events like , Core Cpi, Non famPayroll,Core retail sales, Unemployment sales. Check this calendar out for the events, I plan my trading a month in advance. http://www.forexfactory.com/ Thanks again to your training..I am now making an even bigger killing. Regards Fransa God Bless, South Africa 12-8-14

Good morning David, just wanted to let you know, I now know code 2. It is truly breathtaking. Just wanted to confirm, is the end macro code the same thing as the one trade per day? If so, why do you only go for 20 ticks a day unlike before? P.s - I'm looking forward to a trading room in the future, count me in. Ok have a nice trip! I am In the process of starting my account! Today's code 2 was amazing! Dropped 100 ticks In 30 min! I would really appreciate it if you let me know when your back, I have a few questions for you. Thank you :-) Jose, USA received 12-2-14

Hi David, Yes, so far I am really liking your system. Seems like some days are much easier to find the code than others though. That's why I really like the charting area and videos as it gave me a better understanding of how to find it, and how it's not always as obvious as you might think. It is getting easier each day though. I am really looking forward to your new services that you will be offering! Sign me up for sure. Any idea on when you might be providing them? Please, keep me posted on when they will be available. Certainly if I have anymore questions (i'm sure I will lol...), I will definitely let you know. Thank you for putting all this together and sharing it. Mike, Canada 11-18-14

Just trading U.S. session just gone, and noticed key reversal ** still giving strong signals- hope my notes are matching up with yours David? Patterns seem to be popping out and getting quite excited, but know that I still have a fair bit of experience to gain with your secret code before going live- patience a virtue :) Also, looks like we had a perfect US code 2 entry right on *****, AND with a perfect entry using code 1, ***** - going short, and good for 100 ticks. This stuff is addictive..! Lochlan, Australia 11-18-14

Okay that's great David, just looking for a little confirmation that I'm on the right track, and that ***** reversal just kept popping out managed 4 successful 20 penny trades, out of 6 :) Lochlan, Australia 11-17-14

Hi David, I've gone over your videos a few times now and I'm starting to paper trade your system to test it out. It is certainly quite different from anything else I've tried, but looks promising so far. You where right about watching the S&P E-mini videos after watching code one. It did explain things a lot better. I also found a lot of value going through all your charts and charting videos. Thank you, Mike USA 11-17-14

David, The video's are excellent. I have been back testing and testing real time and it is incredible. In you video's you mention your chat room. Is that still available? Thanks Joe, USA 10-31-14

David, I thought you might smile from an update on how I spent my Monday morning. I studied the code one materials yesterday. Set the alarm for 5:30 am cst. I got my zin trader setup and started watching the market at and promptly hit a 20 tic trade. I just looked up the daily video and you showed my exact trade. Now I only wish I would have made the time Saturday to study as well so that I would have hit the code 2, 100 tic trade. I will know code 2 prior to Tuesday trading. Thanks Bob, USA 10-27-14

Dear David, It is unbelievable what you are doing. Really amazing. You are a master in this strategy, and I can read by lot of suppliers with indicators and VWAP lines, order flow and Level2 strategies that still more from this people telling that the HF computers are directing the markets. Maybe you know this changing from minds, but I would tell you this that it is very clear that you was miles in front of all others. Thanks again and I like really your video's even if it is still hard to find a code 2. Some video's it seems that the specials are the best opportunity. The code 1 is more easy to understand ( that is not the same as to find ) but code 2 is still giving troubles by me. Have a Nice weekend. André, Netherlands, 10-25-14

Good morning David I hope this email finds you well. My apologies for not emailing sooner, i have received a new job and I have been busy since then, one month now :) I am still testing the code 1 trading on three demo accounts one account started @ $5000 became $22680, traded one trade silver, started 25th Sept one account started $3000 became $7460, started Sept 29th and one account started @ $5000 became $9660 started 3rd OCT so far, i am planning to get into the real trading by January because i believe the market in not good starting NOV ending new year. this reason is based on my previous trading experience and the monthly results of other traders i follow I would like to ask your take on that, what do you think about not trading these few last months of the year!! also, i would olike to thank you for the daily videos, which i follow religiously and your continuous assistant. Happy trading Regards Moez Fawaz, Canada 10-22-14 Personal Fitness Planner/Naturotherapist Inspire. Motivate. Coach. Direct: 514 432 8199 Moez Fitness Blog Moez Fawaz Linkedin

I am getting alot better, the last couple of weeks have outstanding. I am waiting for the right trades and running with them. Thank you so much for the valuable trading system. It can be very aggravating at times. I also learned and then you confirmed that I had to increase my stops because I kept getting kicked by just a little then the market would turn and go the direction the code was saying. Hope everything is well and please keep the updates coming. Shaun, USA 10-18-14

Hey Dave, I watched your videos in two days...really nice trades I'm there. I set up the demo account and traded the s&P til about 4:15 and made over $600 just trading one contract. These markets are great. I wanted to ask you which oil future to trade?! Which one works the best?! I'm going to set up a real account on Friday and get ready for the following week. I love the daily video and would love someday to join a trading room if things ever heat up enough. God bless you! Thanks Matt USA 10-13-14

Hello David, I just wanted to thank you for the daily trading videos your making their are help me a lot especially yesterday's, When would you have time to meet again? Again Thank You. Romelo, USA 10-10-14

Hi David!! How are you? Thanks for all!! When I have bought your code 1 videos, I knew nothing about trading!!! It took one years for learn your codes and then make practice with the real market with few money!! I have begun with 1000$, and then in 3 day I can earn as one month with my job hahaha!!! Without you videos I'm sure that today I don't make trading!!!! Alessandro, Italy 10-10-14

Hello David frank from Calgary Canada just want to send this message along to you. I am real enjoying your one trade a day it's very encouraging and great insight on the trade. Hope to be trading again soon will be setting the account up again and ready to go. Have change computer systems and I almost ready can't wait to do some trading with you and learning the charting too. I believe this is the best thing you have done david since breaking the code hope this is a word of encouragement . Frank, Canada 10-7-14

Hi David, Just wanted to let you know your making a difference in people's lives for the better...Keep up the great work with the Youtube video's! Your teaching people who already know the code which I'm one of them. I haven't had the funds to open a live account yet. I requested a demo over the weekend and traded Code 1 & 2 and made $420.00 just this morning and it wasn't all that long of trading time. Your right...Oil is amazing to trade. I was some what intimidated and scared but your video's have been helping me break that barrier. I just have to work towards getting a live account especially the times we're all living in! God bless you! John USA 9-29-14

Hi David....Nice trade....do you keep records of what % of code 2 trades hit 20...30..40 all the way to 100 tick targets ,I trade multiple contracts and peel them off along the way and keep 1 or 2 contracts as runners. thanks...Bill, USA 8-5-14

I believe that there will be Good that comes out from your discoveries David. The Lord will be with you Thank you for helping us. I will keep you in prayers. Don't give up. Come to Asia, its much safer here. Mark, Singapore 7-11-14

Hi David....just wanted to let you know that I tested code 1 on over 30 charts...ym...es...oil...tf....soybeans...yen...and the code was 100 % right ,sometimes it's hard to find but it's there....I also used Thinkback software to replay a oil chart from 2010 when the code was easier to find and it hit 24 trades in a row...you are not a scam....thanks... Bill, USA 7-2-14

Hi David, This is just to say ‘hi’ and that my thoughts and prayers are with you the good person that you are. May you have a wonderful week and weekend ahead and Glod bless you. Kind Regards, Your friend Iyun from South Africa 5-29-14

David I was just wanting to send you an email, letting you know that I have started trading live. I set a plan up of execution and my goals for each week. I have lost some, but have won more than I lost. In 4 days trading only one contract I am up 100 pennies. Again, Thank You for opening my eyes to the real world. Shaun USA 5-8-14

David, I have watched your videos, and am very pleased with what I saw and learned. I tried last night with a dummy account. This morning at 0400 CST I made 45 pennies and was out. The chart from the previous night looked exactly like what was happening last night. I saw a triple top and shorted at 1 penny below the triple top. I adjusted my stop to .82 because you said it likes to bounce off .80 and the triple top was .78, I was in at .77. The reason I set my exit is because I knew that I would be leaving by 0400 CST to go to work and it look like from the previous day the exit would get hit. If it took me out I would have lost 5 pennies. Also, the Macro Code and the Secret Code were both giving signals to short. It is going to be hard for me to hit the 100 pennies mainly because I work from 0400 – 1800 every day except Sunday, so I will try to use Sunday for possible gap plays or bigger trades. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and helping the little people out in this world. Shaun, USA 5-1-14

Hello David, I was reading over your website (as I usually do), again last week and I noticed that you said something about encouraging your clients to follow you into a new business venture beginning at the end of May 2014. Even though said business was never mentioned, are you still going to move forward with that? I'm asking because I truly believe in you and your product, and I am more than willing to continue to follow your lead! Thank You. Jamel, USA 4-30-14

Dear David, I have carefully gone through your materials. I have the experience and knowledge to know when someone has discovered something extraordinary, and you have. This adds that missing dimension that I have been seeking: reading time as well as price. Thank you for sharing your discovery. A discoverer is much rarer than an inventor. I have not had time yet to apply Code 1 to the live market which I trade daily. [I am a daytrader.] I am highly optimistic that my results will improve markedly. I will let you know how I fare. I currently trade the mini Nasdaq futures contract [NQ]. I did not know anything about you when I ordered Code 1. If you will extend the time for purchasing both Code 1 and Code 2 for $600, I will be delighted to send you the other $200. Just tell me how to send it. Sincerely, Richard USA 4-24-14

I watched todays demo and worked the reversals as i learned in the early videos and I did really well. I went with trends, I know that is not where you like to go but looking at the daily charts it goes that way. I like your system and totally see how a computer is running it. I cannot wait to watch the newer videos, thanks Josh USA 4-16-14

I just now realized how truly radical your discovery is. Assuming you're correct, there are essentially NO indicators existing or possible, that would work, except by pure, absolute coincidence... and you have taken down one of the largest industries in the world (except that almost no one will believe you, of course... even if you talked until you are blue in the face). It's no wonder so many people are pissed off at you. Max, USA 3-28-14

Morning David just wanted to share that the videos were an unbelievable help and today's trade if you were on I found the code played ** from the top and ** from the bottom do you concur with that code made 4 trades a little under two grand demo mode. That's the one found to be the best move . Frank Canada 3-12-14

I just need the first code 2 US, is easy, first watch the daily chart (today clearly up), then ******* a short candle (20 penny-code 1)..... then buy for 100 penny hahahhah...thanks David, now I have cash in the account and I am less afraid to open a position, I did not think it was so easy. Alessandro, Italy 3-7-14

Yes they are it seems at the first there choppy then they get better no problem I think these will give me the part that I'm missing along with what you helped with last night Dave I'm in palm springs a lot I may drive up and buy you lunch some time and thank you personally for this great secret thanks Sent from my iPhone, Frank Canada 3-7-14

Hey David, I am improving by the day even though its only paper trading now. Went to play the American Session just now and scalped it against the Macro according to Code 1, played protective like you said. And then went scalping with the Trend. Made improvements, yet to take my first Macro Code trade though. But I'm happy with the results so far. Can't wait to go live once I've raised enough capital! Regards Sean, Singapore 3-5-14

From Sean

Yesterday ***** buy (100 pennies) then ***** sell for 100 pennies and today ***** sell for 100 pennies!!! Now I know whats it means know the code 2!! Alessandro, Italy 3-4-14

Hi David, I saw what you wrote on the home page of your website, and then I do not want to bother!!! There were months when I look at the chart of oil, and knowing both code 1 and 2 know where it goes throughout the day!!!! will not stop ever thank you for what you taught me, although at first I did not know English and I did not know what was a Japanese candle, now I think I have become an expert on oil trader. I wish you the best. Alessandro, Italy 3-3-14

Dear David, Thank you a lot for your help to me. I was thinking even a lot about your situation. As example: You can be asure that if somebody on this planet have discovered some fuel for cars or trucks that cost 1% form the price we have to pay no and the consumpion is 50% less than now, that human will be killed 100% asure ( and in Rusian there are some examples, even in Germany a docter who discovered a natural medicine for Cancer can after 20 years fight still not find enough background for his study/product. I was thinking and I am sure that with your knowledege you are in the same position. That means that you have to make decisions because 20 years fight is not what I should wish for you. Maybe it is better that only people who are believing in you are worth to help, and the big world must do his thing what they want. I am sure that this give you a much better feeling and peace by your self and make money together with the people around you and honestly. I hope this small advice will help you making decisions, because I see how many time and hard you are fighting against th world. Live is to short for fighting a war that cannot be winn, even if you are 100% right. Ther is a big gap between to HAVE the true or BECOME the true. I am very curios to see your information about the code 2 in relation with the entry background code1 Kind regards, Andre Netherlands 2-21-14

Wooohoo!! i made my first 100+ oil trade!!! thank you David for all your help!! still paper trading but it feels good to nail my first one!!! i see them go by me everyday!! Praise the Lord!!!! i sold it from 96.36 at about 735 am - then it dropped to a low of about 96.00 - i was waiting for the maco code and it made a double bottom so i entered at 96.06 at about 835 - sure enough the macro kept it going long !! the high was 97.59 and now its at about 97.39 Thanks again David!! Rudy, USA 1-29-14

Hi David. Thank you thank you thank you are million times I have been going through the videos day and night and I understand it very clear i like the method you used to teach this videos even a child can understand what you teaching thank you very much. You don't know what you have done for me. i took a rest and borrowed $5000 from the bank after temping for more then 8years without any hope of a permanent position i have given up working so i was introduced to London school of trading which i was told was the best and they charged me $1500 for the software and learning material which never worked i lost $1000 from trading with them which i did not understand what i was trading but somehow i kept browsing the internet hoping for them that will more suitable and understandable God answered my prayers and here i am today i found you and i must have gone through your tips and lessons more then ten times before i could purchase your videos ,i have to say i struggled at first to make payment because i had no credit card but i deposited money to a friend of mines account and i was amazed that u gave more then i paid for thank you . I have gone through the videos day and night since you sent me the link and i have to say i am counted as one of the lucky ones to have received such a gift thank you. now i am ready to start practising with a demo account with Global futures and they were so helpful i cant afford the other software so i will use the ninja trader for now .my problem is its so different from ones you use in your videos please help me get started i went for the ninja trader 7 and how do i select the crude oil trade there because i see no options ,when i check yours i see NY Crude .how do u select that. Be alert here comes the next Fransa from South Africa, and even better one. That woman story touched me if she can do it so can i . Thank you. G.W.MABIZELA, South Africa. 1-20-14

Hello david its kiiren here who just bought your course! Here is my review. I am absolutely amazed because before i got into trading i did not know the whole thing was rigged! For all people out here claiming david to be a scam i feel sorry for you :) because i know the secret code and after watching the videos thus having a personal phone convo with david personally i know it works! If you knew the secret code you would know that its a mathematical impossibility for the price of crude to reverse off ********** more than one time unless a computer controls the price. For all you skeptics out here your probably reading from the biggest skeptic in the world because i myself have been scammed before and for yeeeears i have contemplated on buying this course. Yes even david doesnt know i been watching his demonstrations for years and i STILL thought his whole course was a scam! Until one day i decided to put my full faith in him and im glad i made the purchase worth every penny :) How in the world could david be a scam!? By the way im probably the youngest trader being the age if 21 who also bought his blackjack code and those videos are not a scam itself either because he really breaks down the advantage of the player over the dealer. Showing you how the dealer only has one chance to win and two chances to lose but for the player its vice versa. David thank you sooooo much you took me out of the matrix of lies and now i am able to set myself free financially. Everybody please dont let people lie and deceive you because they do not want you to know this information! I hope after this review david will bring back his sms signal services again in which i will pay TOP DOLLAR for that as well. David did not just wake me up about trading and how to make money, he woke me up out of a world i called "reality" in which it was just a matrix of lies used by the "enemy". God and christ bless! Bless you brother david. Kiiren 1-6-14 USA.

Not for me as I've been doing quite well in spite of the hollidays and today for example was above my 100 penny target bring down 150 pennies in three trades - 1st trade 90p: 2nd trade 40p; 3rd trade 20p. But for a couple of newbie's wondering if they should wait for the updates to buy. Redgie, USA 12-10-13

I have believed for some time now that I will always be guided towards the right people at the right time in my life, and discovering David is no exception. They say that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. I must be ready because I cannot explain how mine and David's paths have crossed. But crossed they have and almost a week later I have managed to watch EVERY video in the two courses that I purchased. (and the two bonus courses you get when you purchase Oil trading Academy 1 and Oil Trading Academy 2 together) I have been trading for about 8 years and I have bought many many courses and I can tell you that I have never ever seen anything like this before. I can tell you, I was skeptical, so I emailed David to sort of test the water so to speak. If I can be totally honest, I did not think that I would get a reply. Not only did I get a reply, it was almost instantaneous. Needless to say I bought both courses and I will guarantee you this............. He has answered every email since (so if you are thinking he just wants your money; think again) So if you are sitting on the sidelines being cautious of not getting scammed, I have a question for you. How much do you want to learn how to trade? Depending on how you answered that question will you make your decision. If you would like my advice (if you are serious) then here it is...... Do not click off this website until you have purchased the courses. And yes both of them. You will not believe what you get in them. I have met many wonderful people during my time on this earth and I truly believe that David is not only one of them, but he really is a shining light!! Grab hold of him and the help that he offers with both hands because you never know how long he will be here for. Hopefully forever :) If you want to speak with me then send me an email to stevehowieson@hotmail.co.uk and we can set up a time to talk. Steve Howieson Thank you David. UK, 10-31-13

Hi David, Not too sure where to start with my words here about your course! Ill have a go, but rest assured whatever these words may look like on paper (computer) they will not even come close to expressing my gratitude to you for sharing your knowledge with me. I have spent all weekend so far watching you explain in detail and so beautifully the truth behind the futures markets and I am just blown away by it all. I know you will laugh when I say that I have spent the last 7-8 years trying to learn how to trade, and then along you come and show me that a computer is running the show and how easy it is to read the market. (which I could never do) I really do feel like Neo in the matrix after he took the pill. I am also aware that my biggest challenge is still yet to be overcome (believing that I can do this). I think the difficulty will come not so much in the form of having to learn this. Especially as your teaching is perfect. I think it is going to be the UNLEARNING of all the stuff I have been believing that was necessary to be successful trader!! Anyway, this was not the reason for the email, although I could not contact you without expressing my gratitude, I shall certainly be giving you a testimonial when I have finished my training. The reason for it was to ask if you have received my payment as I have had a call from my bank to say that it was not allowed to go out to you. I have a receipt from PayPal and I do not think that you would have sent me the courses had you not received it. However, as we know with technology (missing video's ha ha) it sometimes has its mishaps and I would not want you to think for one second that I was trying not to pay! I look forward to hearing from you soon Steve PS. You really are a shining light and a true gift to this world! and I know that you already know that. Thank-you. Steve, UK 10-27-13

Hi David, that's a lot to digest! I did make a trade (+50 cts) today copying yesterdays chart on Oil, and I must say: it's incredible. I have yesterdays chart sitting above the current chart and well, it;s almost like painting by numbers! I've attached a screendump, I'm sure you're familiar with. Wonder if it's going to do the same tomorrow! Cheers, Herman. Netherlands, 10-24-13

Hi David, I trust most things are well with you and getting even better. I was just listening to your video and I got just the biggest kick out of it, you explain it so easily and effortlessly that it regenerates my mind from within. I'm sure it will also bleed over to my beloved Oil Trading as well. It's so easy to get bogged down in everyday hum-drum and miss the mark. Keep-up the good work, Redgie ps - another good day in trading the oil market up 300 pennies + Redgie, USA 8-27-13

Thank you very very much, I really appreciate all the help.. You are a genius, I've never met someone as smart as you are.. Don't get mad or discourage about people calling you scam, you and I and I believe of other people know that the market is controlled so we take advantage. So forget anyone that think it doesn't.. GOD bless Widmaier, USA 8-2-13

Hi David, It has taken me a few days to go through ALL of the videos, old and new. I have also been on the site and read and listened to all that is out there. I know that you are a busy guy so I will keep it very brief with but a few comments and questions for now. 1. Let's start out with the fact that I believe that you sir are a certifiable......................GENIUS! The secret code had me baffled at how your brain could work to have seen the code within the mess and clutter and subversion. The Macro code 2 videos showing the times and trades have me blown away once again. I am just starting round two of viewing as you cover a lot of material and give nuggets of wisdom sometimes missed in the first go around. I love to watch you make the trade in real time, especially the vids that show the entries on a certain number breakout with no emotion either way, just using the code. Fascinating and once again, you and the way your mind works....are truly amazing and obviously a gift from God. 2. As a man of God myself and not a man of the church, I have HEARD every word stated and recorded in all of your webcasts. I am a like minded kindred spirit David. While I might have chosen a different attack plan than you did, I wish you the best of luck with your fight on every front, with the Jeff/Todd serpent to getting shut down on Youtube. If you remember my testimonial after my first purchase, I am a believer in you and I know exactly how you must feel with a lying POS like the above spewing the venom and lies about you and the code. 3. Question, I am a believer and want to follow you in your trading room while you teach the exploitation of the code. I don't know if I am tardy but what can be the next step in my journey to learn the code as well as you yourself knows it? If there is a way for a studier and overachiever to learn, I am the man to do it. I just sent Rick Kontra an email to see if I can get set back up with the charts and reopening a trading account. Are you still using Global Futures? Is there an active trading room? Anything different that I should know? 4. What can I do now David, I am ready to be a star pupil, a sponge of learning, and hopefully a future "soldier"? Of course after watching the vids I know the MC times.....but learning from watching the "master of the code" personally is the only way to true knowledge with trading the MC. Let me know....please and thanks again! God Bless You David! Tim, USA 7-16-13

David, Your a man of honesty and integrity too reveal this secret to us average people out here! Really enjoying the video's...I think I'm on #7. Some questions:Do you like automatic trailing stops? Also do you think this code will ever change or it will always be because it's a computer? Thanks again, John USA 7-6-13

Hi david!! The code is fantastic!! I wanto to ask to what are the commission on Globale Futures!¨And if I want buy the code 2 I must pay 1000$ (which is still poorly for the potential it has) Have a good day Alessandro 6-21-13 ItalyHi David, Sean here, the bloke from Singapore who bought your Blackjack videos just a few months ago and who's still keen on purchasing your oil videos really soon. I must say David, I was genuinely blown away by the code in your Blackjack video and how easy it was that you narrowed down the mathematical advantage to a ratio of 2:1 in the player's favor whilst revealing the fraud that is basic strategy. Great work on that mate! I sincerely thank you for the knowledge you have bestowed upon all of us with that God given talent for mathematics that He's blessed you with... However, I have a few questions regarding my future purchase of your oil videos. Because I am about to purchase the oil videos, say by the year's end at earliest due to a tight budget, I would like to know why the price for the video is now at 1,500 USD. I know you gave a mention on your website that you were going to increase the price for both videos, but it could be a little too over my budget. Is 1,500 for both code 1 and code 2? It would come to be about 1,800 SGD here in Singapore. I know it is justifiable because of the fact that what you are revealing is groundbreaking in that you could get yourself into a lot of trouble with the "Masons" but really it is the J E S U I Ts you mean, and their cronies who run this world to a very large extent, and that the demand for your knowledge is ever increasing with regards to your videos as more and more people have the truth prophetically revealed to them in these last days... Do you think you could give me reasons as to the 500 USD increase in the price of the videos besides the ones that you mentioned a few months prior on your site? And what other content will come with the newly priced video as well? I have yet to hit the casinos with your Blackjack code as I am a student and still have to scrimp my way up bit by bit even for your oil videos, but I sincerely thank you for your kind responses even back then :) I hope I am being too much of a fruitcake in asking you this but I am really tight financially. Your kind reply however, would greatly be appreciated. Also, my old man is running through the household accounts and I am answerable to him (doesn't help when your family is in debt in this part of Asia when a modest 5-room home can set you back 500,000 SGD for just a 99 year lease and you don't even get to own your home!) I do truly hope you understand where I am coming from. God bless David. Regards, Sean 6-12-13 Singapore. I did a backtest with the code 1 on oil on the session of my afternoon..... Without words!!!! More than 150 pennies ;) Inviato da iPhone Alessandro 6-11-13 ItalyIncredible. Good job. Thank you. Henry 6-7-13 USADavid - Just want to let you know I've just made $1100.00 in a couple of hours on 1 contract! Thank you, Redgie 6-7-13 USAI got my 100 cents worth - great call! Tim, 6-7-13 USAHello David, Good Job! Got 100p for today. Thanks! Best Regards, Constantine, 6-7-13 QatarDavid this is the best trade in my life. Biggest pay back to me from trading $1000.00 thx a million. Gamini, 6-7-13 USAHi David, I started watching videos of emini s & p, although I do not understand everything you say I'm starting to understand the code. It is brilliant. good day Alessandro, Italy 6-06-13HI David, For some reason when I try to access code 2 videos. The Screencast just keeps trying to load for minutes at a time. So the first time this happened I was typing you an email, when it finally loaded. So I discarded the email and watched the video. The next night the same thing, was typing an email and bingo it finally loaded. So now brings tonite Yup the same thing happened. except tonite I am sending you this one instead of deleting it. As long as I can access the videos I am not to bothered by it. I can go to code 1 videos and they all load in seconds so I dont understand whats causing code 2 videos to load for minutes at a time. Just thought I would let you know. I feel truly blessed to have stumbled onto your teachings, I havent started a demo and I havent finished all of the videos, but I can already see that you are the Real Deal. The years of trading you have has allowed you to Master Chart Recognition , Money management, entry & Exit points, Etc. I know I am in good hands. Looking forward to trading the Oil Market. Thanks again John USA 6-1-13HI David, THANKS for the heads up. That really helps me be ready for a possible signal. Also, I got 100 pennies out of that friday trade, great call! Question: when you say a pending trade, you mean a limit order, correct? Thanks, Tim USA 5-29-13Hi David I just saw the youtube video from the last signal, I din't know that you like to get feedback, so from now on i will def give a feedback so that way you know how we do and that way maybe will help you to help us :) Last night I got in little late, however I was going for the 150 pennies target. I end up getting 70 pennies profit. All the best Nik, USA 5-24-13Hi, yes a message from me. Not forced to answer, it'd just make me happy you read it. Want to Thank You again. And again. It's like you don't know how you did this but, you opened my eyes a thousand times on trading, and even on life kind of. With your words. This is great achievement to lead someone to better understanding of life dynamics, trading dynamics. As far as i can remember even my parents (they brought me other stuff of course) havent had this effect on my mind. Opening it. Enlighting it this way. I definitly think you possess some truth in you. And you know what? You are a great guy to me. What i know so far, kind of is. You were born, or had the talent of something, clarity, simplicity, truth, you are a unique person. And posses some big knowledge. When someone is like that its hard to fit into masses. Because sad to say but for many its difficult to open their eye ear or brain, to something, new, or even to something true. So one can remain discreet but not worth. And one can shout out loud the truth to anybody he encouters. You re more that type of guy. That type of guy. History proven it. They are often withdrawn from the crowd, they can fit in but just pretending lol. kind of...They have few, but true friends. And they don't understant how people can be like that, wether it emotional, or intellecutally defient I know that. Im myself kind of like that. Like you i think. I don't understand how ppl can sometimes be the way they are. And if you believe in energy magnetism. Its maybe understandable why i like listening to you so much; and im not gay. It's like "i found" one person, this person is "the person" for a special step of my life. I already feel it. You opened my eyes on Forums.. TruLY useless for most to me. Scamming, stuff i didnt know that before ! But it makes so much sense now ! I ve been wasting time trying to entice pple trading, or whatever. Nobody showed up. I couldnt understand.Its like i had the feeling it was useless, but i couldnt name it. Now a guy said it. It makes sense. Wtf was that. Anyway; I saw you meant the truth when u explained the guy who posted at 1 min deffierence on forums to make ppl (you) go crazy) I mean what thos people have in their brain ? Its hard to understand. And you know what let me give you some energy, Fuck them. Hard. They can't prevent that. They bein unmasked. What you have said. Didn't fall in the ear of deaf person. I am going to judiciously make people realise this. In then perhaps all the world will know this, in years decades, but who cares, it starts now, in my mind, im not the same person as before. Just listening to your videos. I went as well to Financial Chat, oh boy, i met some of the nicest person i ever met in the trading world. And much more stuff i discovered thanks to you. Now some clear advice for you. I guess confronting you to those people make you stronger. Yet there is a limit. You need to definitely oust those ppl from your life so you can breath with serenity. Have second line (phone) or e-mail. Idk if it'll solve this pb. But they don't have the right to bother you. I guess every great person has great enemy, perhaps thats like this. As a mission or something. And see ? The e-mail you are reveiving right now? Isnt it worth it ? Well i dont lknow lol. But i think its great achievement you did. So keep being real, yourself. Hater gonna hate, but greater force is comming supporting you truout the wolrd. It has started, you initiated it. it's gonna take time it takes but it's gonna make its way. Sooth yourself you have ppl supporiting you, I ll pray for you, i think you did great stuff. I don't know you personnaly, but i m going to send good vibes to you, as i think you re different from majority of ppl ive met. So rare a guy like you, i don't know if you can imagine. So take this e-mail into account, take a good deep breath, put good stuff in your mind, and do what you have to do. Take care. i mean, real good care, ok ?! See you ;) Oh by the way. My first 70pips trade on oil in2years today thanks to you again. Just by the way you talk. What haven't you done ?! ;) Bless you. Royce, France 5-24-13

And David, Good call last night and as far as that goes all of this week! Money Saved is Money Earned, Redgie USA 5-17-13 (In regards to Oil Signals)

Nice call D.K.! Redgie USA 5-10-13 (In regards to Oil Signal for +100 pennies)

Hi David, Thank you for the faaaaast respond. I don't want to bother you so much because I think your time is very limited. However, we want to get started next week, and we have tried global trader in 2011 with the Demo version where I made almost $100,000 in 10 days :) My question: a: are you gonna let me know inside the trading room what the exits are for Code 2? Thank you so much, I have been following you now for more than one year, and your work is great. Hopefully you will stay online for a long time. Regards from South Beach, Henryk USA 4-27-13

Hi Dave, Well you did exactly what you said you were going to do and it worked out just fine. I must admit I really wasn't getting the code properly until I observed it with you in the room for the last three sessions. When I was trading previously I lost alot of money by trying to momentum trade the oil market. I now know this can,t be done or the fact is it will work about 10-20% of the time, which ultimately means you will be annihilated. So in my mind I became convinced that fading the market is the way to go and your system seemed to me to follow a fading type approach which is basically contrary trading. And psychologically it makes sense for them to do this as the herd will always chase the market. But that was assuming the the market trades in the buying and selling sense, which of course I now or have known since I was introduced to your method is not true. So I approached in my mind the market using the code like I was trading the fade and since it takes time to adjust and mentally realize what is really going on, this was also obviously wrong. So in the room now for three days and I am getting a clearer picture of just how the code works and the methodology behind entering the trades. It is both simple and complex at the same time. But being in the room is a joy. Not to just follow the leader but ultimately to become a self sufficient trader, in the room or not. I must say though I would prefer in the long run to be in the room with you and some appreciative people. Again, great job today. See you tomorrow. John B USA 4-23-13 (In regards to oil trading room)

Hi David, We have finished all the video's today - it is excellent - we would like to know if we buy code 2 course - do we qualify to get it for your special price? David then we would like to know - when we become part of your trading room - when do we do the payment - does it run from the 1st of the month to month end or from the date which we join? The trading signals is that part of the trading room - or is there an additional cost for that? Regards Magda South Africa 4-19-13

Hey David, just to let you know, I had a real blast doing that! That was so much fun! I'm starting to feel the necessity for this service! It's amazing how much you can learn when you trade next to a pro! :D I have learned that success is built on small successes, not failures! Confidence is key! Vinny Australia 4-18-13 (In regards to trading room)

Hi David, Yes David I do think I get a lot out of the Charting Service, simply because my keys have not yet coincided with yours. So I will continue with Charting Service and I believe I'll add the Room too. A question -- since I have only $5000 in my account I can only trade 1 contract but once margin allows for 2, 3, 5... etc... would you also trade the maximum number of contracts that margin allows, providing the consistancy is 90 to 100%? Fantastic work, Redgie USA 4-13-13 (In regards to Charting Service)

Hello David, Congratulations!. You are really a Genius!!!...This is a great discovery and better than Code 2!!! I wish you all the best. Best Regards, Constantine, Qatar 4-10-13 (In regards to charting service)

Hello David, i tried the Code 1 and it looked good. Yesterday evening i made my first 100€ in binary options with your strategy. Thank you for your information. But unfortunately i can only trade from monday to friday... What i want to know is, can you trade somehow on the weekend by trading oilfutures, or do you also have to wait? Greetings from Germany Manuel 4-6-13

Hello David, Thanks for the information. I have already sign up in your charting service and I am really excited to learn more and take my trading to the next level. I want to move on from a breakeven trader to a profitable trader just like you. My goal is to have consistency in trading. I think one of my my problem is I am not sure if I am really hitting the Code 2. Anyway, with the charting service this will become clearer for me. Later on, I am also planning to take the training service that you are offering. I just need to take care of my schedule since I have a day job. Wow!, you are only trading based on CODE 1 and yet the your profit for the week is huge. Imagine if you are trading CODE 2, maybe you can get a profit of more than 20,000 per week. God Bless! Best Regards, Constantine Qatar 4-6-13

Ok. The u.s open happened at hour after I took that specific entry from the 15 temp at the 10 key i believe. if I may be correct, code 2 is right now in flux between hours.... I still made that 100 cents though. So It would have been good for a reverse position after an hour.... Gosh. It's so simple! :-) I am going crazy as to how complicated i made it before. AHHH! Vinny Australia 03-26-13

Hi David, hope all is well :) I have been watching your tips videos and they helped clear a lot. The ones you provided in your premium charting service. I find that in trading, when you are new and you get something wrong, you tend to blame yourself more than the actual trading. This creates a blockage and you start failing and think you are not good enough. I found that you had the same mistakes I was going through in your tips videos so I felt relieved that it wasn't only just me experiencing the same phenomenon with the charts. Anyway, I can read the code very well now. I caught the ****** yesterday, it did a move at the ***** and then a lower move at the temp.... Got it for 100 cents! After failing for so long, getting something right like that feels AMAZING. Talk about a confidence booster! To your new traders, if they start failing or have trouble , i actually recommend them clearing up their mind rather than to continue trading like a bafoon no matter how long it takes. It took me a 2 weeks or so to clear up my mind about trading and at that time I did zero trading and thought nothing but anything other than trading and it involved me doing something else that stimulated my mind instead of deprive it with monkey like behavior- I have a lot of time on my hands. I feel like myself again. It's better to trade with a clear head than with sheer desperation for results and I know that you agree with this because you recommend the 1 trade a day rule for a reason! I remember when i first viewed the code, my mind was jumping everywhere, "Yea but if I take an entry and it doesn't work, I lose money, yea it only works at this time, yea it didn't work that time, yea it changes, yea I could make an entry here but only for this much...", you can't read the code when your mind is like a monkey hitting it's head with a wrench. Take some rest! THEN, when you FAIL with this MONKEY BRAIN, OH MAN............... JUMANJI!!!!!! THEN when you FAIL AGAIN BECAUSE OF THAT RHINO STARTING TO COMING OUT OF YOUR SKIN FULL OF RAGE, KING KONG SETS FOOT. LOL... Ok, you get the point. "You have to let it all go, fear, doubt, hesitation and disbelief, Free your mind", exactly what Morpheus says to Neo. Anyway, thank you very much for the videos again David because every tip is bloody money, I wish I could just swear at how simple it really is when you clear things up in your mind.... it really is that simple! TOO simple that I started complicating it and creating more troubles for myself for no good reason. I had to much trash in my brain in the beginning it's not even funny. When you have trash and you start winning.... it turns out to be a horrible self fulfilling cycle of unrelenting pitiless doom where you blow up your account multiple times until you realize your brain is full of fried eggs instead of brain cells. To be honest, the videos are all you need, everything is a bonus to help maximize and speed up the learning curve by clearing people's minds to see the TRUTH. That's just my opinion though. :D Once again, thank you. It's bloody insane how you can provide so much service with a 1 man army, especially with something as secretive as the code... garh, you are beyond human. :):):):) Vinny Australia 03-26-13

Hi, David, That is fine:) I been watching them over and over again to really understand, now l got it:) and l took few trades too they all good, especially todays Code 2 was great, Thank you very much for sharing it with me, God Bless. Ali, Canada 1-25-12

Hey David, I've gone through the code 2 videos and just executed a trade during the US session. Sure enough it was good for 100+ pennies! Now I just have to practice some more with a demo account and then move on to the real $$$. Bless you, brother. Stephen USA 12-19-12

Hi David, You'll have a msg on your phone from me tonight, but I was just curious about a couple things. In the emini trading course you use different charting than the strategy runner account in the oil videos. They're nice and clean. I was wondering what they are. I have had another good week so far. Through Thursday I have made 4650.00 gross. All on ONE contract! I did that to see if I could do it in anticipation of only being able to only trade one contract when the time comes. 100% success on Monday and Tuesday with 90% overall for the week so far. A 37 tick loss on one today as I forgot to put a stop on it and for some reason it got away from me. But still ended day up 1080.00 on 18 trades. Still trading in code one, but I did do one code 2 in the afternoon US session the other day and ended up with 70 ticks. Still ready to click when the code looks good...lol. But in time through repetition I can see it will blend together with no problem. Just have to now transform this to live and keep it going which I feel fairly confident I will be able to do. I know we had discussed taking one trade, but I will have to work toward that, because I find it very hard to sit there and do nothing but stare at the screen waiting when I can see the code opportunities happening. It's probably an individual thing overall. But I certainly know what you mean in a discipline sense. I have thought about a certain thing previously, but it 's occuring to me more now after some of the relevant discussions I have had with you. I'm referring to the so called flash crash in the markets on May 6, 2010. When you talk about how they could drop the markets or shares etc to 1 cent or 100000...well that is exactly what happened, if only briefly and then followed a hackneyed restoration and subsequent explanations, hearings and the usual nonsense. I feel and I don't know exactly how you feel, that this was a kind of test for what is coming in the future. Test the systems and go to extremes in the pricing and get a feel for the real thing. One can only imagine the worldwide panic and fear created by such an event carried out with follow through. It will make the 2008 calamity look like child's play. Of course no one could know when this will happen, but it does seem possible sometime in the not to distant future. As man advances more and more technologically, the appalling immorality of his nature just gets more clever and remains a disturbing reality. Must have faith though as the only real answer. Talk to ya soon Dave. John, USA (received by email 12-06-12)

David, I just did my first 200 pennies and it feels pretty good. Last night I took late Euro Code 2 signal at ******, i got it right at the top, and i hold it into the USA session! I lost on Monday morning 20penies than I stayed out on Tuesday and it did the same move, and it did it again this morning but this time i was in. I noticed that few weeks ago and last two days too, that it moves about 20 pennies UP right at ***** and than drops a lot, and ignoring the *** signal and drops even more is that something to pay attention for, its nothing to worry about ! Thank you for your time All the best Nikolay, USA (received by email 11-28-12)

Hello David, Here is my review of the code after one trading week. Just ended my first week of trading after learning the code. On Monday I just experimented, basically not understanding and trading as I usually do trying to figure out the code and its patterns. On Tuesday I started to understand the code a bit better and even though I was stopped out four times, because of being impatient and going in too early I managed 890.00 profit trading two CL contracts. I went over the videos again on Teusday night and concentrated on the code and its patterns. On Wednesday I finished the day with 3000.00 profit, again with just two CL contracts. My success rate was 94% and I only had one small losing trade. I was astonished at how much clearer I was seeing the market according to the code. On Thursday I traded 15 times alltogether with two contracts. I added one contract and had three on one time but I am trying not to do that. I ended the day with 1460.00 profit with two small losing trades. So that's about 90% success rate. Friday was sort of a clincher for me with the code. I have a history of doing very poorly on Fridays and this one seemed in appearance to be more of the same. I couldn't make any sense of the market at all through the morning and didn't trade. So I analyzed each hour starting at 8Am through 11 AM and detected what I believed was the code. So I traded near the top of the hour where I believed it was at 12 PM and 2 Pm and both trades were successful. Made 860.00 with two contracts. What amazed me about this Friday was what would have normally been almost certain disaster turned into a very good day by figuring out the code. So I ended the week at 6210.00 profit trading just two contracts! And I was gaining confidence as the week progressed. Sorry if I'm going on a bit but I wanted to share with you the week I had and how truly impressed I am with your system and teaching of the code. Can't wait for next week as It seems like my understanding and experience will only increase over time with this. Thanks so much. John USA (Received by email 11-17-12)

Hey David, Thank you for this course, it was really helpful. I just wanted to say that I'm very happy with the code 2, and it works amazing. Thank you All the best. Nikolay USA, (received by email October 31st, 2012)

David you are legend! Thanks a lot for that! I know you're a really busy guy and all. I have fallen in love with Code 2. I keep falling asleep around the code 2 times though. But when I look back historically, I see it like yellow in black. Combining both codes, you have an unstoppable trading arsenal. It was also a great idea for the premium charts as well. They really honed in on my skill to recognize the code much better. The code is more sophisticated now, but still good! By the way how often does the code change now that it's more sophisticated. I remember at times I had trouble reading it back then.

Vinny, Australia received by email 9-21-2012

First I wanted to tell you that I have been really doing WELL since I started with Code 2 codes. Other than the code break, I have been up hundreds of pennies over the last few trading days. I did take an entry this morning. I saw the runup a few minutes early but I sat tight and nothing ever happened. How did you analyze this mornings code entry? Did you get a position short? If so, at what point? How did you know that early runup was the high? Thanks for any help and advice you may have. I don't want to be a bother but I feel I am right on the cusp and am starting to feel pretty darn excited.



Dear David, You were spot on as usual. Code 2 in full swing to the dotted line yesterday. My broker is a forex broker with commodities traded through CFD and they have many popup windows to cause massive slippage. So I am trading micro lots until my account is up to 5000 and then try for Global futures. With your fine, fine intellect and true moral compass (that combination is one in a billion) I can only offer my humble thanks for all the suffering and ridicule you have endured to bring us your message of shining truth that the rest of us lost masses are unable to decipher. All hell has broken loose in South Africa so you cant even begin to imagine the comfort and sanity you provide me. God Bless, Suzette South Africa

Hi David,

I just had to shoot you an email to say you are a genius! Tonight I took entry at 104.36 per the Code 2 and one hour and 7 minutes later cashed out for the 100 penny trade! Wow! The Code 2 works EXACTLY the way you said it would and it is much easier and more profitable than even following the secret code. I feel Blessed and fortunate to have learned this information and repeat to you once again.......you sir are a genius! Thanks again!



Thank you sooooooooooo much for publishing the Code 2!!!

I have only seen the first 5 videos so far, but i caught the NY end trade short yesterday. It came back and stopped me out, but went down .60 or so before going back up. I missed the EUR trade early this morning, but it was an easy short for 2.00. I did catch the short this morning and got 2.00 off of it!!

This is just stunning.

Thanks again,

Tim, USA, TX

I won't keep bugging you with this but I am pretty darn excited. I nailed the USA Code 2 and easily made the 100 pennies. The early runup almost got me but I was patient and nailed it. Did you read this the same way? Thanks again buddy!! That's 200 pennies on the day and it could have been double!!



Hi David, The pit is endless with this oil trading, it is now 5:00 clock in the morning here and as we speak I have already made 3 trades worth 180 pennies. Now I am going to sleep and then later catch the next code 2 Francine, South Africa


This is really quite surreal. I am utterly baffled. You are brilliant. Do you still provide a signal calling service for paying members?

What other profound truths have you discovered deep down the rabbit hole? I'm sure if the masses discovered that the CME was controlled by a computer, they would revolt.

Robert VA, USA

Hello Again!

Thank you for your last email and I wanted to let you know that I was able to, at last, get the macro code videos downloaded (with the help of my son). So, I have recently started watching them and am thrilled with the information :)

I look forward to getting through the rest of the videos soon and will let you know how that goes.



Hi David,

I finally got the automatic strategies to work on Ninja and have started watching the videos for the macro code. I didn't realize you had to enable the strategies once you downloaded them to the chart. The auto strategies are helping me out a lot. It's giving me more confidence to see how the entries are taken. I have been doing really well with the macro code so far but I have been only getting about 50 - 70 pennies instead on 100 pennies, which is fine with me! I was just wondering if I maybe was doing something wrong? I have not watched all the videos yet, so you may address that later on in the other videos. I think you mentioned in other videos that summer is pretty lame for the asian session, although I got about 70 pennies out of it yesterday using the ------------- session trade. Does the market tend to slow down in August and then pick back up in September? Thanks again for this amazing stuff, it gives me hope that I may be able to quit my job soon!



Hey Dave, Thanks so much I did my first 100 penny on Friday, I bought Code 2 on the day before and watched the videos and applied it. Cheers mate.

Kind regards,

Anton, Australia

Thanks David for the reply and as always you were right once the market got going things looked like they should be. By way David the global zen trader can not be used in Canada thought you would like to know that for future clients not sure why that came from Trenton with global futures. Made a lot of trades last night just trading the keys and keeping them around 20 - 30 pennies this is totally unbelievable never seen anything like thank you for sharing you didn't have to but you did. Frank, Canada 4-01-13

Hi David, I am now one time through your teaching video´s .... To sum it up: I am really, really, really impressed. It´s an awful load of intellectual work behind. To buy into your secret code was the right move I did. It´s compulsory for me to step into this market using your code. I will give it a hard try to make it. However, i am not a man who steps into an adventure without clear strategy how to manage the details. It starts with the brokerage I use, and doesn´t stop with the computer I use, or the amount of time I have to trade. First, I solve my technical set up, then I start trading. Second, I trade on paper account before I i trade small amounts in a live account Third, after having enough experience I will buy into the macro code. Have a nice day. Martin 3-21-2013 Germany

Hi David, Hope you're well and I just wanted to send this email to say a massive thank you for what you have shared and the amount of value and information that you have jammed into these lesson.. You can't put a price on what you've captured and shared.. appreciate it.. Also was completely gobbsmacked by the "mathematically right way" to play blackjack as opposed to what I have tried to learn and implement with basic strategy coupled with a martingale betting system which has busted me time and time again and still trying to convince myself that it could be broken and earning $200 a day so I could quit a 9-5er... I was hoping to get your advice on the best route or option to focus my studies as the amount of content is huge and as much as I want to eventually try it all I also want to play it smart and focus on one strategy or asset before spreading it out to recoup my loss over the last 2 months. As I mention earlier, these last 2 months I've spent close to 10k on programs, indicators and robots to help win with Forex binary options but each one I've tried apart from a couple have been fails and I've only been kept alive with 5% trades on my 3 binary accounts. Really wish I stumbled on your system first but that's how it goes I guess and now I'm hoping to focus on just your findings to dig me out of this hole.. So yeah if you could advise me on the best strategy/asset class to focus on hopefully using option trading as it's fairly simple - placing trade on up or down, I'd greatly appreciate it... And by the way if ever you decide to create some sort of software or indicator, please let me know as I'd put my hand up for that no questions asked.. Once again thank you my friend, take care and anticipate your advise. Adriel, Australia 1-15-2013

Hi David, I stayed up late last night and watched the code 1 videos, then woke up early today to watch the code 2 videos and just finished. WOW! 1) You are a genius 2) those who doubt you are fools and finally 3) I am going to be a millionaire! Thanks a million, and I will keep in touch. I just filled out the little demo request at Global, so hopefully tomorrow I can start trading with monopoly money. Jim, USA

David Your Blowin My Mind! Hi David, Here are my results from today, **** short 20 pennies, **** short 20 pennies, **** long 20 pennies, ***** short 12 pennies, ***** short 20 pennies, **** short 20 pennies, $1,120 for the day, SIM only still. If this keeps going like this I will be buying you a nice gift ! Quick question, Is whatever our code is from the previous day, is that to be our code on the next day? Best, Ross, Canada

Hi David, Just watched your code 1 videos - they are great! Many thanks, Melissa, Malaysia 12-15-12

Hi David, You'll have a msg on your phone from me tonight, but I was just curious about a couple things. In the emini trading course you use different charting than the strategy runner account in the oil videos. They're nice and clean. I was wondering what they are. I have had another good week so far. Through Thursday I have made 4650.00 gross. All on ONE contract! I did that to see if I could do it in anticipation of only being able to only trade one contract when the time comes. 100% success on Monday and Tuesday with 90% overall for the week so far. A 37 tick loss on one today as I forgot to put a stop on it and for some reason it got away from me. But still ended day up 1080.00 on 18 trades. Still trading in code one, but I did do one code 2 in the afternoon US session the other day and ended up with 70 ticks. Still ready to click when the code looks good...lol. But in time through repetition I can see it will blend together with no problem. Just have to now transform this to live and keep it going which I feel fairly confident I will be able to do. I know we had discussed taking one trade, but I will have to work toward that, because I find it very hard to sit there and do nothing but stare at the screen waiting when I can see the code opportunities happening. It's probably an individual thing overall. But I certainly know what you mean in a discipline sense. I have thought about a certain thing previously, but it 's occuring to me more now after some of the relevant discussions I have had with you. I'm referring to the so called flash crash in the markets on May 6, 2010. When you talk about how they could drop the markets or shares etc to 1 cent or 100000...well that is exactly what happened, if only briefly and then followed a hackneyed restoration and subsequent explanations, hearings and the usual nonsense. I feel and I don't know exactly how you feel, that this was a kind of test for what is coming in the future. Test the systems and go to extremes in the pricing and get a feel for the real thing. One can only imagine the worldwide panic and fear created by such an event carried out with follow through. It will make the 2008 calamity look like child's play. Of course no one could know when this will happen, but it does seem possible sometime in the not to distant future. As man advances more and more technologically, the appalling immorality of his nature just gets more clever and remains a disturbing reality. Must have faith though as the only real answer. Talk to ya soon Dave. John, USA (received by email 12-06-12)

Hi David, I have now gone over and utilized the eminisp trading course for about a week. The precise manner in which the code is over viewed and its exact methodology are extremely helpful in utilizing the code in a very practical way. The main point that strikes me, with both this course and the oil code videos, which I have, is the very practical and realistic method of trading these markets for success, once one knows how the code works. I must emphasize the word realistic, as the realistic chances of success in the futures markets or just about any other market is on a very low order of probability for most traders...and I don't think I'm alone with that opinion.It seems like with more time learning the code and putting it to the test in the markets, my success will only improve with it, which means it will go from very good to even better. Great job David with the clear and easy to understand set of videos here on the emnisp market and a very good companion set to your oil trading videos. I'll follow up in a while and let you know how I'm doing. Thanks again. John USA (received by email 11-25-12)

Hello David, Here is my review of the code after one trading week. Just ended my first week of trading after learning the code. On Monday I just experimented, basically not understanding and trading as I usually do trying to figure out the code and its patterns. On Tuesday I started to understand the code a bit better and even though I was stopped out four times, because of being impatient and going in too early I managed 890.00 profit trading two CL contracts. I went over the videos again on Teusday night and concentrated on the code and its patterns. On Wednesday I finished the day with 3000.00 profit, again with just two CL contracts. My success rate was 94% and I only had one small losing trade. I was astonished at how much clearer I was seeing the market according to the code. On Thursday I traded 15 times alltogether with two contracts. I added one contract and had three on one time but I am trying not to do that. I ended the day with 1460.00 profit with two small losing trades. So that's about 90% success rate. Friday was sort of a clincher for me with the code. I have a history of doing very poorly on Fridays and this one seemed in appearance to be more of the same. I couldn't make any sense of the market at all through the morning and didn't trade. So I analyzed each hour starting at 8Am through 11 AM and detected what I believed was the code. So I traded near the top of the hour where I believed it was at 12 PM and 2 Pm and both trades were successful. Made 860.00 with two contracts. What amazed me about this Friday was what would have normally been almost certain disaster turned into a very good day by figuring out the code. So I ended the week at 6210.00 profit trading just two contracts! And I was gaining confidence as the week progressed. Sorry if I'm going on a bit but I wanted to share with you the week I had and how truly impressed I am with your system and teaching of the code. Can't wait for next week as It seems like my understanding and experience will only increase over time with this. Thanks so much. John USA (Received by email 11-17-12)

Hi David, Yes I just received them. Thks. I'll let you know how they help. Today was my first real day utilizing the code. Of course I know very little about it yet. I got stopped out 4 times for 20 cents each time, using 2 contracts..because I was misreading the code and getting in early...but I am up 890 for the day as of 1245. LOL. Can only imagine when I get it down better. My problem is patience, as I am still in the trading mode from previous years...which is why I lost all my money. Too many in between trades and too small stops...adds up to huge losses. But I guess that's the plan of these bastards, excuse my language. and you find that out after many very painful lessons that momemtum trading doesnt work in the futures market. But they know that psychologically one is never gonna trade the way you do..it goes against human nature. So I guess just program the computer to annihilate everyone. Thievery on the highest level. Congratulations to you for discovering this. Talk to ya soon. John USA. (Received by email 11-13-12)

Hello David, How are you doing? I hope everything is fine with you. I see that they continue to criticize you. I believe all those people slandering you will not stop since they do not want everyone to know that the FUTURES is being run by a computer. Also, these guys are being paid a lot of money to make you look bad. Temporarily they may succeed in making you look bad as if you are a scam. But I strongly believe that God is always on your side and eventually the truth will come out in the open. It is just a matter of time. By the way, I just completed the CODE 1 video and I can say it is awesome in a way that you have discovered the code. You are a genius! I am really excited to start trading and with your help be financially free. I have already communicated with Global Futures in order to get a demo account. I want to test what I have learn and also be familiar with the NinjaTrader software. I have documented things that I have learned from your CODE 1 video as well as Questions that I need clarification with (attached). I apologize as the document is rather long. Anyway, at your convenient time, you can go through it and please tell me what you think. I am really determined to make this work out as I want to fulfill my dream of becoming financially free. I want to give the best for my family. If there is anything you want me to do in order for me to learn more of the code and improve just tell me and I will do it. Thank you in advance and also for sharing the knowledge. God Bless! Best Regards, Constantine, Qatar. (Received by email 11-13-2012)

Hello David, I just finished watching the videos. Very interesting and makes all the sense in the world. I pretty much get what your saying, but I will need some time to go over them a few times and practice in my sim account this week. I often wondered about these markets..how they go to certain places, like 80..40 ..round number etc almost to the tick and then off they go in these patterns. Seemed liked some kind of control for sure. Can readily believe you that a computer program controls these markets. With the amount of money involved in all these markets they who control them are going to make darn sure most of the money goes their way and out of the pockets of most investors. Sinister stuff. Looking forward to trying this out in the coming week. Thank you. John USA (received by email 11-10-12)

Thanks David really started to use the code 3days ago 1st day $+330 2nd day -9.00 today +130. Tomorrow will be better Just have to not fall asleep or get bored so I can take all the moves. That has been the problem all of my trading. Also I talk myself out of most of my trades they then turn out to big ones and then I take the little ones after the big moves in the morning. Each day will get better though. Thanks for the guidance , Paul USA. (received by email 10-25-12)

On Oct 23, 2012, at 8:21 AM, oilsupport@oiltradingacademy.com wrote: That's a good question, let me check that out for you and let you know. Are you following the market today? Perhaps I could tell you what the code for today is, I'll take a look at it. How are you doing so far?

Hi, I'm doing fantastic, two days 40 pennies each day in banked my real account. I'm extremely happy with my decision to join your oil academy and thank you so much for your work. I'm also looking forward to start learning the code 2 very soon. David I think you should start that subscription for the key times alert via email, it shouldn't take that much out of your time to should one group email every morning. I think that everybody who purchased and everybody who will purchase the codes will subscribe. I'm just looking at from my point of perspective, I have no problem locating the code but I will pay for such a subscription! Let me know. All the best. Make it a great day. Sent from my iPad. Violetta, USA (received by email 10-23-12)

Hi David, I finished watching the code 1 videos, and I'm very excited to start using the code. I just want to make sure and confirm with you that I'm on the right track....First set up the bracket order with .20 pennies profit/stop, than after I enter the trade adjust for every trade as desire .....Everyday before start trading will go over the one minute chart and establish the exact reversal **** for the ****** with the temp reversal, and half the **** with the temp reversal, also make sure it's not in a trend mode..... So witch ever direction spikes up on the **** of the **** and the *****, it will go the *******. Example: if on the top ***** spikes up than I will SELL, with of course a small stop loss of .08 to .10 pennies, in case I'm wrong!..... Than watch for the temp reversal and than if it goes my way lock the profits or if not brake even..... SIMPLE IS THAT. YOU ARE A GENIUS :) My plan is to start trading/scalping, and make some money, while mastering the code 1 and than most def will buy the videos for code 2 for sure. I have a question about the gap trading... On average what's the time frame to recover a gap of a 20 to 40/50 pennies??? David how do I sign up for your trading room and your signals as well and how much is it? I would love to be able to follow your comments and signals. All the best, Violetta, CA, USA (received by email 10-20-12)

Thank you David. Great stuff!

Stephen, USA (received by email 10-03-12)

I think I just got it! I get it now. I'm so happy. The last sequence of numbers you gave me really helped the light bulb go off. I'm sorry I almost gave up on this and wanted a refund. I went back and looked at the chart and was able to see the correlation between the numbers. My demo account is up 10K for the day using 5 contracts! Thank you David, this is absolutely amazing! Hopefully I will be ready for the macro code soon! Thanks again,

Lilly, NJ USA

Hi David,

I watched your videos last night until my eyes were falling out of my head (stayed up late cause I couldn't stop watching).

Today is my first day of trading the Code, and I noticed that the reversals are tending to -----------------------------------. I've been "dry" trading today to get the hang of it. So far every trade would have been a winner! What kinda blows me away is I'm catching killer trades on the first day. I've noticed that a nice side benefit of the system is it let's me walk away from the computer ....................... It gives me lots of breaks.

Thanks for sharing this system. By the way your last update video was very helpful in helping me to get inside your head to see how you think about these trades, and manage them, and handle variations. There's a lot that you know that isn't all that obvious to me. Nevertheless, I think I've got the hang of it to some degree.

I think some traders shoot themselves in the foot when they just have to be in a trade even if the setup isn't quite right. I used to have that problem a lot.

I was wondering if your room is still available, and what your current rate is? It might be good for me to do a month or two just to make sure I've really got it, and see what kind of day to day variations are typical, and to watch you handle them. Also, do you still have a signal service, and is that seperate from your room?





Thanks for your trading videos. I have been demo trading your account since the end of March, and it went from 40K to 105k. I feel very excited that I may be able to live my 20 year old dream of trading for a living. Your videos have been part of that. I am still cautious, since I did feel this way before, only to open an account and lose it all.

Thanks again


Hi David,

Here are some of my thoughts after purchasing your videos. I've been trading crude oil for a few years, so I always judge trading materials based on whether I learn anything. If its just something re-packaged, I will aggressively seek a refund from the vendor. I must admit that my first impressions of your material was not positive as I thought it was just gaps and turning points. But I viewed all the material and came to the realization that there's much more to understanding the "code".

I put it into practice today, and took entries. In each case the market was making a new high or low for the day, and all three trades went onside several cents without any stress. One of the trades was the most exciting for me because I would usually get suckered on that breakout. I calmly took a short off my 10 range chart and exited with 40 cents just before the next reversal. And that paid for your materials.

Congratulations on cracking the "code". I'm a happy camper.



Hi David, I'm Chen, I spoke with you 2 days ago from Singapore and purchased your "Oil Trading Academy" videos right after that. I have watched all the videos, there is only one word I can describe it "REVOLUTIONARY!" Once again, thanks David, you are really an extraordinary individual. Best regards, Chen...Singapore

Hi David, I've watched you video's last night and I must say I could not believe what I saw. If this is really true and we can use that in a live trading envoirment, then as of now I won't call you David anymore but MORPHEUS . Ok, serrious now I've opend an account with Global Futures/Strategy Runner for paper trading and can't wait to put it to the test. I was ready to try but the servers are down now so I must wait 1 hour they told me in the live chat. Also when I choose NY crude, I get all sorts of dates where I can choose from. Wich one should I choose? I must say that the video's explained good the code and I think it won't take long before I got the hang of it. The difficult thing for me would be the new platform so that will take some time to adjust myself. If got the lite version and I see in your video's that you've got the prof. version, would that be any problem? Thank you verry much David; Stijn, Belgium

well david, i sincerely dont know how to thank you anymore. I just dont. Your strategies actually help with psychology as well. The gap trades are so accurate i can risk about 8percent with either a 2:1 or 3:1 r/r ratio. I have only eva broken even in one trade, the rest i have won, this gives me confidence to go into scalping knowing im 50,100,200 points ahead already. So i make clear decisions. These strategies will change my life. I would love to meet you next time im in the states. I owe a lot to you. Koketso, South Africa.

David, feel Free to post this feedback on your website. I just cannot believe what i saw in the videos, i thought it was magic. I kinda knew about this strategy but I wanted a confirmation by a professional. You can notice this by using with charting platform, Stochastic RSI SLOW. it does the same thing. I though i was crazy when i notice this a while ago. However, David's videos confirmed that. The scalping techniques are astonishing .... and the videos are priceless ;) here are the results, first day scalping, used the one minute chart on Friday 1st OCT and made $3889 in an hour and half , Monday 4th OCT, using the same strategy with the one minute and 15 minutes chart,,, made $6000, Tuesday, made $5400, Wednesday was a bad day ($2500) with a minus sign. Thursday, back with the big #s, made $7450........ all this after commission!!!! Friday was the unemployment #s, which was my best day so far .... made a whopping $130,000..... Bear in mind that was all testing with my demo account.... I started with the real account on the 11th OCT and the results are just insanely beautiful.... I started trading the silver on top of the Crude oil too and it's kinda using the same system but not quite.... still made some money with it until Monday/Tuesday 18th/19th which were bad trading days for everyone i know last but not least, this is the system you want in addition of your trading strategies...... One last thing to say, you will not regret spending money on these Videos and even more !!!! ;) All the best, thank you, and happy trading!! -- (¯`·._(¯`·._(¯`·._MOEZ_.·´¯)_.·´¯)_.·´¯)

hahahahahahahahahahaha, david this ridiculous! decided to just try scalp today. got 100% wins on 6 trades. and yes this includes that brief uptrend mode time. all i did was wait for the code and i get my scalps and go out. next i'll try going in a nd riding when the next "trend"emerges. one thing iv noticed is that this stuff is so simple, if you spend just a month practicing your entries you'll practically become the u.s mint. for me, entries have become easy when i pay attention to speed, support and resistance(for example a double top on the 10 min) and also a bit of single bar analysis. david my sincere thank you for all your revelations. im buying your advanced vids part two for sure, Koketso, South Africa

Why have you done this? david, what do u stand to gain by telling people something like this? I have lost just 4 from about 22 trades. Biggest one being a 35 cent move. The more chart time i give myself the better my entries. I dnt understand how u can give information like this 400 bucks! Koketso, South Africa

David, I came across a forex blog where a person by the name of Monroe was disrespecting you. Those people are probably the 95% of losing traders. Don't bother with those fools. I turned a 40,000 account into 175,000 in my demo account since the end of April, with your videos, so there is the proof ,and I'll will send the statement to you. I appreciate your efforts, and thanks for not taking the site down. I lost for years with information overload: Gann, Elliot wave, Fibonacci etc.,...ridiculous. Thanks for your method. I hope to take the advanced class if you will still offer it. I really appreciated your you tube videos very much. They were very enlightening. USA

Hi David! Amazing mate, my first dummy trade on the CL going with the code and I'm up 30 pips!!! Great stuff! Sincerely, Tony, Australia

Hi David, Thanks for showing us a way that I believe has the potential to make plenty of money for anyone who applies this secret code to every trade! Although not the Holy Grail, it comes bloody close! Ive never seen anything like this before and can definitely say this is more than worth the money. Thanks for the good teaching, very clear and easy to understand. Definitely not rocket science. I can for-see being out of the rat race in less than 6-12 months. Three+ Cheers!! David you can use that feedback above on your website if you like, no probs go right ahead. Just want to also say that I really think this is the best chance for me to leave my day job one of these days. I really believe that it works, very logical and straightforward. Tony, Australia

David, I just finished watching all the videos . Amazing!. I am a newbie to trading , but after watching the videos I feel I can do this so would like to do the 2 weeks of help trading. Do I have to pay the full 1500.00 after the 500.00 videos? And Do I have to start my 2 weeks when I pay. Will not be able to start for a couple weeks. Thanks so much for all you are doing for traders like me. God Bless you. Kathy, USA

Hello David: Am having remarkable success with demo account. About 85% winning trades so far. Thank you very much for the course as I would have had no clue as to the specific "codes" apparently being pre-programmed. With over 35 years in stock market and over 10 years in futures other than oil, I can tell you emphatically that Your course in oil is the ONLY way to go! Stocks are so corrupt ,... hedge funds within the brokerage houses actually trading AGAINST the in-house retail investor ! Computers are pre-programmed to within milliseconds to vary, blow-out the trader, then do it again. Same-same for Forex, and trading the "news" is disaster. Please let me know if you're going to do any more video, etc. I'm going thru these at least three times. Pick up a nuance each and every time. Great work! Thanks again. Best regards, Darrell, USA

Hi David, You are teaching well enough....and I have learned a lot and being quite profitable at same time. But if I can follow your thought process in real time for a longer period I am sure that it will benefit my learning process. Don`t forget that I am trading with real money...so I am not "testing" a new system or methodology. I really believe that you discovered the most straight forward timing technique for intraday trading that I have come across during the last 25 years of trading education. My trading results are the proof.But there are things you say during the tutorial that have to be well assimilated, sometimes a little twist can make all the difference...! I don`t ask many questions because most of the time you anticipate my doubts with your comments to the real time price action. And I am completely focused on the trading at same time...That is why I like very much when you place your comments in live voice mode. Is more instantaneous and we don`t have to move our sight from the chart in order to place posts at the chat. Hope to have satisfactorily explained my reasons for an extended tutorial period request. As you can see I am not "playing games" , this is to serious for me and I just want to be the best I can trading oil based on your system. Pay attention that I am only trading oil now! I have quit all the other instruments and methods. I think that I am much older than you and with moreyears of trading experience, but you are definitely more intelligent and gifted, so all the time I can spend with you will add value to my trading business. So simple as that. All the best and have a great weekend....I am trading the Asian session already...Two trades, both positive..! (I think you will be happy to know..) Thank you for all, Helio, Portugal

David, Received everything, video's are great, really enjoyed them. How do I get access to the room ? Regards, John

Hi David, I just finished watching the vids for the second time. I did get them to finally download so yeah. To say that I am excited is an understatement after I watched you reveal the code and watched it work right in from of my eyes. I could have watched 10 more hours of you making trades and following the code. I can tell it will take some practice and seasoning for a newbie like me and I am anxious to start the learning curve. Tim

David , I have done pretty well in the last 2-3 weeks, but I did'nt exactly follow your instructions regarding stops so I really don't consider that a success, since I could have easily blown up the account. But I am working on that. Before I traded the Forex market, I traded the S&P emini for 5 years. A good day's move would be about an $800.00 move. The range in the oil market seems to be much bigger. It also seems easier to trade in general, than the S&P 500. Since I started at the end of April the demo account at GLobal is up to 63,000 from 40,000. I had so much disappointment in trading, I really don't believe it...just need to build confidence before I use real money, Thanks for your help, Garrett

Hi David, I finally understand exactly how the code support to work, wow I can't tell you how excited I'm right now! The secret that you teach is golden, until now I really cannot believe how accurate and simple it was. I know I still need to practice a lot more to get better entry but today I actually got 90% winning ratio on my trades and made $1.4 on my demo account. Thanks again for revealed the code to us and I look forward to learn more from you when your trading room is up. Warm regards, Derrik

Hi David, just finished the Videos and they are awesome! Let me know when your trading room is up. Thanks again, Derrik

Hi David, I'm in the progress of learning the code and even though I haven't finish all the videos yet and still need a lot of time to practice, I can honestly tell you that I really love it. After learning the code, I have spent many time watching the chart last night and see many good and strong set ups that can bring in +.10, +.20 , +.30 Thanks David. Derrik

1.025 points today on demo, Hi David, I was trading off the 10 minute chart with the 1 minute charts today this morning. Again this is demo trading and my focus and psychology still need much work. Louis

Hey David, Hows it going? You mention in your videos (which are freakn amazing!) that you have a trading room and a signals thing... I cant find any info about it on your website.. can you give me prices etc Cheers Akhi

Hi Dave, gotta thank you for this info, pure gold, after watching the videoes took 3 trades for 45c profit, you were right when you mention how easy it is. All the best, Justin.

David, Thanks alot. I learned more in 3 days with you than with most of my losing trading career. It's straight to the point and most important useful. I was taught left-brain right brain, hocus pocus, Elliot wave, MACD etc, etc,. I think this is a tactic to take your money, because by the time I figured out it didn't work, I lost a boatload of money. Most importantly I lost time, and that's something we can never replace. We can recoup money, but not time. Thanks again. :-) Garrett

Hello David, First run through the adv videos,fantastic material. Louis

Hi David,I purchased your videos and I must say they were totally different to anything I have ever heard about in the futures markets. I feel empowered now to profit from the Oil market after I develop the skill to time my entries. Thanks so much for your generosity in sharing this knowledge. Michael

Just watched your videos, very cool, that information is worth Gold. Aaron

#2 Consumer Comment

I'm a customer of Davids

AUTHOR: Sam - Austin (U.S.A.)

SUBMITTED: Wednesday, March 09, 2011

I bought David's videos and also did a weeks worth of advanced training with David. I've also been smeared on this web site, so when I saw that David had been by a person who "smelled a rat" whatever that means, I had to speak up in his defense. I spent money with David, around $750.00 so I know what he delivers, unlike this loser who "smells a rat". Based on my objective experience with David, I think he is somewhat eccentric in his beliefs and in the manner in which he conducts his trainings. But, I also believe that he delivers a valuable product on the subject of oil trading. I got a lot out of it. Only cowards go online and make unfounded statements that hurt innocent people trying to enlighten others and make a living. I smell a rat too, and it's the guy who took the time to smear David with the most ridiculous post I've ever read. Ask yourself why a person would do such a thing. My guess is he has a competing product or service and this is his cheap way of crushing the competition. Think about it, would an ordinary person with other important things to do single out David and make this pathetic remark about his product knowing absolutely nothing about it? My name is Scott, and I approved this message

#5 Consumer Comment

I'll second that

AUTHOR: Sam - Austin (U.S.A.)

SUBMITTED: Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'll second the challenge David made to the loser calling himself biffco. As one who has also been slandered by scum like biffco who always stay anonymous and simply put out cowardly and incomplete statements only for the purpose of putting doubt in people's minds, I will second the challenge made by David. I challenge you to reveal your cowardly self. We know this will never happen, because you live in the dark shadows and not even your wife knows you. You have secrets and and incompetent opinions just like the one you anonymously express about David. You know nothing and you do nothing. I have no doubt you work in a dingy cubicle or other horrible place and hate life. I have no doubt that you are impotent and spend most of your time in a jack booth or in porn sites secretly and anonymously fantasizing about things you don't have the balls to go after. David and I are different. We have opinions based on reality and study. We make things happen and we offer products to people to make their lives better. We offer solutions and we don't hide from the world like miserable scum like you biffco. I am free, and David is free because we produce value for ourselves, and others. You are puke and produce nothing for yourself nor anyone else and because of this your life is pathetic and you, even though probably in denial about it, secretly know it, and it is that knowledge that prevents you from being a real man, from being able to argue with an intellect like Davids in the open, from being able to satisfy a woman, and from being unafraid of life. Stay in the dark, that's where you belong. Or reveal yourself, David is not hiding from you, because he knows there is no escaping you. Scum like you will always be there spewing all your garbage anonymously as you have done here against David.

#7 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Greg - (United States of America)

SUBMITTED: Friday, October 28, 2011

I can’t understand why you people gave a negative feedback to David like his a great scammer and insecure guy, etc. I bought his oil trading video a year ago and my experienced was different of yours. I knew David as representative of his product we do communicate for business transactions. Since I bought the video from him I had lots of question how to use the code and its function and sincerely he replied all my concerns. I almost gave up because of my small knowledge of trading and I earned less from what I expected but that time David was my friend and he really guided me and step by step he instructed me. And because of my determination to earn I was able to earn more through constant practice. I was amazed when he introduced to me the blackjack strategy and I realized he is a great genius. I told my uncle about blackjack who used to play in casino and my uncle grabbed one of the videos and it was worked well. I didn’t hear any bad complaint from my uncle by then, but he just gave a big “THANK YOU” to me and especially to David. Truly, David is a good guy and his concern to everybody. Tell me, who are the hackers that discovered something then shared it to others for its advantage? Answer? there’s none, only David did. So, why you people got mad and angry for him to think you have its beneficial part? I think you just had a miscommunication to him and because you need to prosper that fast but you failed and then what you did was gave bad information of him. I don’t blame you because that was your experience. In trading and as a trader there are always pros and cons but in this situation especially you have the ace how to win it or earned more, it should be have patience, determination and more practice you would able to reach what you want. Strike it every day little by little you are already on the top without noticing it. For me, my relationship to David is doing well and my trading habit is working better every day. And I believe that I am not alone in this world being blessed of what David brought to me and I think I should not read your complaints against him and just shut up. David is a great guy, if he was selfish enough he wouldn’t shared what he discovered and you wouldn’t encountered him. He just wants to help us. He just wants to overcome our finances dilemmas. Thanking him is not enough.

#10 Consumer Comment

David's ain't a scam!

AUTHOR: Scott - (United States of America)

SUBMITTED: Sunday, October 30, 2011

How can you say that David is a scam? Have you been to his trading room? Or you are just a moron who is trying to smear David. Well, let me tell you something about my experience with David's trading: I bought his Secret code and Macro code videos after I joined his free demonstration room. I was amazed how he conducts his trainings and how accurate it is. You just don’t know how lucky and thankful I am to know David. He is very professional to work with. Whenever I don’t understand something about the videos, I simply contact him and he explains everything to me. I must admit that at first I struggled a bit. But anyway, why are you so jealous of David? I don’t understand why you people are making negative feedback against him. We are in fact so lucky that he shared his knowledge to us and make benefits from it. Maybe you are just a fool who is trying to destroy his good reputation. Am I right? A**hole!

#12 Consumer Comment

I'm on David's side.

AUTHOR: LAnce - Los Angeles (United States of America)

SUBMITTED: Monday, October 31, 2011

The problem with this society is that everybody wants to get rich instantly. I am a trader and have been trading for more than a year now using the secret code. I am not just David's customer but his student as well. I am one of the lucky few who have been given the chance to attend David's live online trading class. I listened,learned, practiced and have been earning really well with his help using the codes. David is not a SCAMMER and i will stand up for that. All he is trying to do is to expose what he has discovered, hoping to wake people up.His website offers a free live demonstration of the code for people to see and witness how the secret code works. And now people are calling him a scam. Is that how scammers do things? Guess not. The only reason why these people are complaining is because they don't have the brain or maybe they have, but their brains are definitely not working, not capable of understanding and grasping what and how the code works. Too bad. For me i will always be thankful because he has given me a way out of this declining economy. I am now earning so well and living a lavished, abundant life that i have always wanted.

#15 Consumer Comment

Proud to let you know that I am a success……

AUTHOR: Zander - (Canada)

SUBMITTED: Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Trading is not really easy, especially when you don’t have any idea how to do it! We are just lucky enough to have this guy who discovered about the pattern in Oil market. I must admit that before, I wastefully spent my money. I learned the secret of trading at Oil Trading Academy by using the secret code and the macro code. Now, I can testify that I am earning big out of learning the secret code of oil trading. And that I am doing this simply at the comfort of my own home. Imagine it! At first, just like all the rest, I was skeptic about this. And it took me a lot of convincing for me to finally go to this thing. Now I understand that the price of Oil is actually controlled by a computer, and with the ability to predict which direction Oil is going, whether up or down, it gives me a high degree of success in trading! This may sound unbelievable. But take it from me, it really does work! But this isn’t too easy as it may sound, skill and technique in oil trading should also be accompanied with hard work. For those people who didn't have the success that I got, recheck what could have been wrong. Or better yet, consult David again rather than accusing him of being a scam. We are just lucky that this guy who has discovered the Secret in the Oil market, is kind enough to share it with us… Attend their free Trading Demo so you can see for yourself what I am talking about.

#16 Consumer Comment

I Confirmed it is NOT SCAM!

AUTHOR: Bruce - (USA)

SUBMITTED: Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Oil trading Academy has led me to have a successful life. The Secret code is so far the best tool i have right now in trading. I am one of the many traders who have been successful because of this code. I admit, David and I had some misunderstandings at first, but we were able to settle it.I admire this guy so much because of his will to help others. And this guy is kind enough to spend his time entertaining my endless questions to the extent that it seemed like some of my questions were already nonsense. I am sorry for that David. But I should say thank you for your generous heart, definitely 400$ for the videos is not enough to repay you for the success that I am achieving now because of what you have shared to me and to the world. And also I was able to attend the free live demonstration together with others who were curious and interested, and we were able to witness the what is called “the secret code.” Since then, I have continued to use the secret code in all my tradings and this is the reason why I earn more than enough every day.I don’t want to talk about the exact figures I have in the bank for you to believe how successful I am by the using that code. But I just want to convey and prove that oil trading academy is not a scam, never was and never will be. I believe that David does not deserve to be called a SCAM as well as the OIL TRADING ACADEMY.

#18 Consumer Comment

See for yourself, Nov 22. David's Proof of the Truth.

AUTHOR: rlee87 - (United States of America)

SUBMITTED: Thursday, November 03, 2011

I am a client of David's, and I must say he is a very talented individual. I assure you he will unlock secrets that you have never imagined possible, and he will enlighten you to a perspective known to only a few. I can say for myself that I've made money through his system, and that if learned properly, it can make money for you too. Check out his Demonstration Room on November 22, 2011, and see if he's the real deal or not for yourself. I recommend it.

#20 Consumer Comment

NOT A Scam At All.....

AUTHOR: Wilson - (Canada)

SUBMITTED: Friday, November 18, 2011

I trade almost a year already. At first I was unsure thinking it’s a scam but I am so glad, I did, because what I found out was the accuracy of the course. You know, Oil Trading Academy taught me an effective trading strategy to trade and become profitable on a consistent basis. Trading needs constant practice. So if you are a beginner, do not expect that you can get much money as you expect. You need to work hard for it! If there is something that you do not understand, do not hesitate to ask David or people from the Oil Trading Academy, I am pretty sure that they will give you all the information you need to know. Oil Trading Academy does work, they are not a scam at all!

#29 Consumer Comment

Trading oil academy RAT ?

AUTHOR: william60 - pattaya (Thailand)

SUBMITTED: Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I am sending this Rebuttal over the comment on the oiltradingacademy.com website and the comments mad by the guy who smalls a RAT i say WHAT !!. Let me tell you my story. I found this site and product on youtube and watched i would say up to 6 hours of videos on a nice sunny day in Thailand. Ohh please explain why does it make a difference where someone lives if his product is good or not. I am a retired firefighter/Paramedic with 27 years of service in west palm beach florida, who cares where i live. I live in paradise [Thailand] where the hell do you live ? [i really do not care ]. OK back to the issue, I really spent alot of time studying this before i purchased the videos both the advanced and macro code. I did exactly as instructed. I opened a demo account so i could follow what dave was saying in realtime and on the same platform he is showing in the videos. I was very impressed as what he had said worked well. It was work nothing is easy and not a get rich quick scheme you have to put in your time and efforts. I have watched both sets of the code three times and i will tell you this every time i watch them i learn something new. I will spend again many hours this weekend doing it again i will view the videos and i am sure with confidence i will learn something new again. THIS SITE AND PRODUCT WORKS YOU HAVE TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK TO LEARN IT !!. Please do not judge the person or product by where he lives, dresses or talks. I wish you all a very happy Holiday Season and a Happy new year. William from Paraidise [Thailand]

#30 Consumer Comment

Oil trading is not a scam

AUTHOR: Jane (UK) - peterborough (United Kingdom)

SUBMITTED: Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I do not believe what I have been reading in this website. Jeff, please stop messing David up. David is not a scam and his videos are real and are working for me. I recently bought the videos and I have found the secret code and the macro code very power in my current trading. Yes, this purchase is the best thing I have ever done in my life. I have previously spent thousands of pounds in purchasing other strategies that never worked and lost a lot of cash trading those strategies. Jeff, you need to open your eyes and see, these videos are real time and I have seen David explaining them before the actual action and it works. David, Jeff is wasting his time and your time writing unnecessarily to spoil your name. Thanks David for sharing this great secret with us.

#31 Consumer Comment

The Only Review You Need to Read.

AUTHOR: rlee87 - (United States of America)

SUBMITTED: Monday, December 26, 2011

The best way for consumers to determine if a business is legitimate is by the reviews of its customers. I have used David's system - both Oil and Blackjack. I have made money using both methods, period. I have documentation of my trading records, as well as proof in my promotion card record at the casino (despite David's warning against this, which he explains in the video). I am a living testament to the functioning of his methodology. In addition, he posts updates to his videos so you will retain your edge, should his system have any faults. David is an individual who believes in the truth. We are the type of people that believe, by concealing the truth, one is abetting and aiding those people who choose to conceal and suppress it.All of those people who claim it is a scam are too incompetent to follow instructions, or pay diligent attention to his instructions. He has a new set of videos coming out soon that will update, expand, and reconfirm his winning strategy. Don't think I'm telling the truth? Then don't mind any of these reviews and go along with your life. All you're doing is missing out on one of the most precious opportunities of your life. Spread the word and spread this review.

#32 Consumer Comment

The best money making opportunity ever !!

AUTHOR: Henryk K - (United States of America)

SUBMITTED: Tuesday, December 27, 2011

This is a great opportunity to make a lot of money!!!! I've been trading for 8 years now, but this has blown my mind , and will make me a rich man soon. I only can recommend this "Secret Code", which price is a "steal" compare to the money you are able to make within a short period of time.This system works, and I've tried it!! Thank you so much David. Regards, Henryk

#35 Consumer Comment

Watch Your Word

AUTHOR: Amor - (United States of America)

SUBMITTED: Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hi Jeff, I can't help but notice your presence here, I have been reading your postings saying all you’ve got to put down David and convince everybody that he is a scammer. But whatever you do, you cannot prove to us and to everyone, especially to people who used the secret code videos successfully and until now their making their own fortune,that David is a bad man. I want to inform you that I am doing well in my trades using the secret code videos and thanks to David. The secret code videos are really working accurately well for me.And to you Jeff I can testify that you’re wrong about his videos and you’re saying the wrong words to David since I knew him in a long period of time. I’m doing well in my trading with him and I can’t believe that you describe him as a rat, scumbag, moron and etc. imagining David as that? That is Impossible because I knew him as kind, good man and honest exactly opposite of what you’re trying to say about him. Those words you've described David seems to me that you're describing yourself. Better go and do something else and get a life instead of fooling people to believe you.

#37 Consumer Comment

To Jeff

AUTHOR: Chen - (Taiwan)

SUBMITTED: Friday, December 30, 2011

Hey pal! What is wrong with you? You're so full of sarcasm and lies. Can't you do anything better but to destroy David's reputation? He is not a scammer. Haven't you ever experienced to earn when David revealed his secret code to the public for FREE? Well, I have enjoyed it! I have earned big from it. Perhaps you're just a no good lonely sore loser! Shame on you and I pity you! All you need is love this new year man! Have a change of heart. Best wishes.

#40 Consumer Comment

It took me patience to understand it....

AUTHOR: xiang - (Taiwan)

SUBMITTED: Saturday, December 31, 2011

I've heard of this oil trading academy and I thought this is just one of those gimmicks that suck people's money of their pocket. I was really skeptic about it and it took me time to finally be convinced to try this one out. Anyway trying this won't really hurt me financially. It was a gamble though... So I did try it. I purchased this secret code videos that this David claimed to work. It sounded so promising and to good to be true. It took me patience to understand it. Now let me testify that the secret code DOES REALLY WORK! I am encouraging those who also benefited from this secret code to also testify of its truthfulness. To those who are against Oil Trading Academy, I would certainly question you if you really have tried this at all or not. Because if you did, and became successful, you wouldn't be on the other side, would you? So maybe, it's only either, you have not tried it because you don't have the guts and you are just jealous of the success of others, or you have purchased the secret code and is just dumb enough not to comprehend it. As simple as that!

#43 Individual Responds

David IS NOT scam!!!!!

AUTHOR: AliFiroozi - Karaj (Iran)

SUBMITTED: Saturday, December 31, 2011

Jeff and anybody else who thinks David is scam! I don 't really know why you guys keep slandering like there is no tomorrow! why the heck are you doing this? It sounds like you 're really enjoying this! I 've been trading the Commodity Futures markets for years now and have always known for a fact that nearly all of them are controlled by a huge power! this without a doubt is Illuminati! well, cycles and patterns don 't lie! they do exist! but it looks like you guys don 't want to see the truth! Dear Jeff, I 'm not fake! bought the videos three months ago and I 'm really happy I did! time cycles exist and David is right! Please stop slandering! Thanks!

#51 Consumer Comment

Learning the help David is offering

AUTHOR: Maria - (Singapore)

SUBMITTED: Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I have been reading this report long ago and it seems as though it's a constant bickering between David and Jeff. David being the subject of hate by Jeff. To Jeff since you claim that what David is selling is just a scam why don't you debunk his videos and prove to us all that it is indeed a scam! Have you seen his videos? Because if so, you would have stopped barking by now but if you have seen his videos and still you are like this then I have something to tell you - stop barking, stop gambling and start studying the market. Truth is, the market will move up and down, up and down, and then shoot up killing all your sells then it will shoot down, killing all your buys, the statistics has it that there that most people CRASH AND BURN, very quickly. It is Davids videos that can help you understand why it's happening and prevent yourself from going downhill with tradings that alone is already a big help worth more than the price he is selling his videos. So stop barking and start studying the market better yet start watching David's videos. Thank you

#53 Consumer Comment

To Jeff, the Lonely Internet Police!!!

AUTHOR: Chun - (Philippines)

SUBMITTED: Monday, February 13, 2012

Hey Jeff! You sounded like a dumb high school student talking about Big Foot. You have a very lame and poor example. Why not add Loch Ness monster and Dracula in your list. Who are you to tell David to stop posting in the internet? Are you an internet police? Is it your job to screen who should post advertisements and testimonies and who should not? How much do you receive from doing it? Definitely, you are a sore loser or somebody must be paying you to destroy the reputation of Oil Trading Academy. By the way, I am Chun Xiang and I belong to an investment club in Asia... Oil Trading Academy is the best thing the club has ever found. How can you ever say that Oil Trading Academy was robbing money out of people’s pockets when in fact we actually are receiving income out of it… I have people here who can also testify of earning from the Academy.. It matters on how you logically use the secret code. Let me ask you Jeff, did you ever try to purchase and use the secret code? Tell me honestly. Coz if not, I challenge you to try it and see for yourself the result and verify if it really is a scam. Anyway, it wouldn’t hurt your pocket to invest a few hundred bucks for it, would it? Now, if you already have tried it and still are not successful, then by all means you are welcome to throw all of your bitterness against the Academy. But if you have not tried it at all, and keep on destroying its reputation, then you are a jerk who deserves to be damned for all the rest of your life!

#60 Consumer Comment

David is not a scam

AUTHOR: Fransa - (South Africa)

SUBMITTED: Thursday, February 16, 2012

Travis and Jeff I take it you are Americans..most ignorant people on earth. Someone must be paying you to garrgle all the crap running out of your mouths or you are just plain stupid. I bought David's video' and are having great success with them, it turned my life around. I tried to help other people and share the code but realised most people are lazy and stupid and wants to be spoon fed so I gave up helping others and now keeping it all for myself. Travis and Jeff and anyone here that rips David off I think you are all part of the stupid low lifes on earth. Instead of spending your time running David down go learn the code. Oh ...sorry you probably don't have the brains t do so.

#61 Consumer Comment

Believe me David is not a scam.

AUTHOR: Ralph - (Philippines)

SUBMITTED: Friday, February 17, 2012

I just want to express myself here in ripoff and to all the people in this world that I am real , I am not fake, and definitely I am not David who is making this post. I am Ralph from Philippines I have my personal business trading dealings with David. I am grateful to David because of the secret code videos I became more successful in trading. If you "haters" have really bought the videos, but weren't able to get the code and use them effectively, well then it's not David's problem anymore that your pea brains are so tiny to comprehend these things, you just simply don't have the intellect to understand the code and be successful. You people should not believe in what these crazy people are negatively saying about David. Clearly they are liars and scums! I am so dismayed upon reading lots of negative remarks against David. I believe and i can assure you that David is not a scam.

#62 Consumer Comment

I am a supporter of Oil Trading Academy

AUTHOR: Jane (UK) - peterborough (United Kingdom)

SUBMITTED: Friday, February 17, 2012

I am here to support David, Fransa, Ralph and anyone who believes in the power of secret and macro codes. I am real and my name is Jane from UK. For those who don’t believe on these powerful codes please think again and stop wasting your time by reporting and messing Oil trading academy. No matter what you say about David, I will always be on his side. He sacrificed and shared this knowledge with the world and you guys can’t see. Leave David alone to continue with his good work. Keep it up David and do not let anyone interfere with your business. God bless you.

#73 Consumer Comment

David “secret” is undoubtly NOT A SCAM.

AUTHOR: Christian - St-Arsene (Canada)

SUBMITTED: Sunday, February 19, 2012

To Everyone who did make false comment on Davids Product! First of all, I would say it’s a waste of time to try to convince anyone here! But the only thing that I can say is that David “secret” is undoubtly NOT A SCAM. Well before purchasing David’s product, I was skeptical, and was afraid of beeing scammed. But it resumed at last, to be the best purchase I have ever made. I Can even tell, It’s so simple that anyone who is trying hard enough to understand it, yet comprehend, the way that David teach it, will definitely Catch the secret and apply it’rules. When you watch his videos, IT’S ALL THERE IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES!! WAOOOOooo!! :) David, shared is secret with the world so we can all prosper(Money) in a way that would have never been possible for ordinary people. And you guys , are using all you energy to shut him down and saying only supposition like you believe to be true.!??? I seriously don’t understand your behavior and that is SAD. Guess What, if you were using your energy to understand the code instead of insulting him in many ways ,you would have found what David is explaining in his videos! I am just a normal guy like you all! But instead of presuming that what David was sharing was true or not I seriously tought it could be a Gold mine for me !! AND IT HAS ! I would like to remind you, The truth lays within (in each one of us). Like there is two sides on a medal, there is two sides on a coin, There is negative and positive, Good and evil..... In any of these, whatever you choose or accept, it will be a truth for you. It’s a matter of belief. The world that you have has come from within. What reflect the outside world has before started within you........ That’s the way it is and that will never change. If you think David is a lie, then your prophecy will be!! In the opposite, it also will become! PS:. Personaly, I would not ever want to share a secret like “the secret code”....May be only with my closest friends and family members. Why bother with oders? Most people a skeptical at first!! People thought that “ Henry Ford “, “Thomas Edison” ..... to only name a few , were stupide and crazy!!! And look at it now!!!!!??? WAKE UP PEOPLE!! Take care all, Peace!! Christian Qc/Canada

#74 Consumer Comment

Oiltradingacademy is not a scam

AUTHOR: Fransa - (South Africa)

SUBMITTED: Sunday, February 19, 2012

I agree with all Christain said. I must admit just one thing David got wrong is when he said that even woman can do this, I disagree for as I can see here is that it is all men calling him a scam and that because they are to stupid to understand the "secret code". I took it upon myself to share with others what I learned from David, mostly I helped men , oh boy what a mistake none of them could get it they not just stupid they are also lazy and wants to be spoon fed. Well no more help or teaching from me you want stay dumb and live in the matrix your loss. Oh and you guys taking David on for his grammar and language it is so laughable. I have found people doing that are usually the dump ones just cause you can spell does not mean you are clever. I have been taken on by many people about my spelling while they don't even bother to know that English is not my primary language,you see spelling does not give me the truth or make me rich, but I can tell you this much you dumbo's, cause of OILTRADINGACADEMY I am rich. I might not spell all that well but I can tell you this much,I AM THE BEST OILTRADER IN SOUTH AFRICA. Oh and yes and I am a woman, intelligent and not lazy, I will even go so far as to say that what I learned from David and applying my own savy as well, I trade even better than him,that is what a good teacher he is. If I could give you my telephone nr here I would so I can just tell you some more how dumb you are. Fransa South Africa

#77 Consumer Comment

David is not a scam

AUTHOR: Fransa - (South Africa)

SUBMITTED: Sunday, February 19, 2012

And now they don't place my posts here,LOL.. cause I gave the trade away today, and the Masons don't like it,proof that the Masons are taking David out here. Jeff catch me on Facebook ..not many with my name, I am the one with the green eyes..lets see how clever you are.LOL Fransa

#82 Consumer Comment

Oil Trading Academy is not a SCAM!!

AUTHOR: Peterk - Irvine (United States of America)

SUBMITTED: Monday, February 20, 2012

I have the secret code videos that I got from David. let me tell you that this is the best edge I ever got trading the financial markets like oil. To the haters out there, have you ever traded the financial markets with anything else? Probably not, right? How are David's videos a SCAM? His videos give you an advantage trading the crude oil markets. I have traded the forex market. Let me tell you that this market is designed for you to lose. there's is no advantage in this market. Only the 1% win all of the time. People should jump on this advantage that David had discovered trading oil. David is trying to help people break free of this matrix we all live in. Too many people are brainwashed in this matrix and just don't get the big picture. David is trying to get people to understand the truth out there. A scammer will just take your money and run!! David's videos will help me to make money and become successful trading the oil markets because I have the code. who would not want an edge these days??? you would have to be on crack not wanting an advantage in the oil markets. My world has opened up since the 1st day talking to David. Whenever I have a question, David response with a prompt answer about the videos. Brainwashed people just don't get the big picture on what's going on. I like working with David and he tells the truth. To all of you HATERS, you need to get a "freakin life" and better things to do than provide negative comments. I stand behind David and his products a 100%. They will help me and anyone who works it to be successful in this declining economy to BREAK free of this matrix that we are all caught it. To all of you haters, go back to your miserable existence and get a LIFE

#86 Consumer Comment

Jeff, is a PURE liar. But He is untertaining.

AUTHOR: Christian - St-Arsene (Canada)

SUBMITTED: Monday, February 20, 2012

Hey David Go Go Go. Take that sucker down!!! :D I am hoping to see peace army............. going down and out of the internet!!! That is all he deserve What a morron and parano....that guy his!!! unreal!!! Lollll I think I will help you on his case!! Take care And Chris ps: To all people that want to know the truth about David, Well, He is not a liar. And the code Works perfectly.

#101 Consumer Comment

Oil Trading Academy

AUTHOR: Randall B. - Green Bay (United States of America)

SUBMITTED: Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just because there are scams out there that involve trading does not mean that every system or every school that teaches trading is a scam. What is your evidence against Oil Trading Academy? It "sounds" fishy? You "smell" a rat? Why don't you pay for the videos and try out the system? I did. It works great. I'm having so much fun with it that I gave up the forex system I've been running for four years to run this system. If you're going to impugn someone you should at least be able to back you claims up with evidence. You have not done so here. Maybe the rat you smell is looking at you in the mirror.

#105 Consumer Comment


AUTHOR: Fransa - (South Africa)

SUBMITTED: Thursday, February 23, 2012

David you have all my sympathy with specially this Jeff brainless oke and his agenda. All he wants to do is piss you off, with his rambling about fake posts, he is so stupid that he can not even see what is fake and what not. You can not fix stupid, there just ain't no tablets for stupid. He does not even make an effort to come find me on Facebook , he just ignores all our post flat cause he knows if he does find me he will blow his cover.LOL Well to Jeff and Neil and any other bozzo here that calls David a scam. I will tell you what his video's did for me and without bothering David ten millions times by email or phone , and I am sure he will testify to that, I have never ever even spoke to him on the phone. 2 Years ago I came across, Davids website while I was searching for brokers to trade forex. I was down and out after the bank took back my home and five other of my investment properties, cause as you know or probably don't know that America and England all controlled by Isra-hell and the Vatican which is Satan NWO it self which is busy screwing the whole world over. South Africa, the richest mineral country in the world and also the only country that is going to stay standing after the pole shift,which these people know ,also had to go under the knife of these Satans, with their false propaganda about apartheid in our country and the man made god Mandela which is actually a terrorist in real life. So now our country which us whites build up was given to the niggers by your country America an her allies Isra-hell and England. That put us whites on the genocide watch list and excluded us from the job market with their clever Black Empowerment Equity plan, and I tell you what these stupid niggers could not have thought this all out on their own, so we know who is behind it as I mentioned. So in view of this situation in our country I lost everything I owned , I could not get a job as I am white , female, over qualified and to old according to them buggers. I then borrowed money from my brother to buy David's video's and also used my borrowings to buy two contracts to trade oil. In the first 8 months I build my 2 contracts (at the time $1500 for 1 contract) up to 15 contracts. I now mostly trade with 10 contracts, anything I gain over that I take out. There are 3 and some times more that 3 macro's in a day and I am so experienced now that I can at times get +- 300pips (I call them )in one day with one trade. One can make 100 pips everyday taking a macro or scalping the strategies. If you sit infront of the computer 8 hours a day trading like any person working a 8 hour job ,you can do this. I have just bought myself a farm and cash that was,and do you know much a farm in SA cost go Google it :) Now I must say I am a very lucky girl cause we trade in $ right?..so when I bring my money over to SA I get 7 to 8 times more when my money gets exchanged to ZAR. One macro trade with 10 contracts = $10000 , (Ten thousand dollar) +-R180,000 on hundred and eighty thousand rand , people earn that here in a year. This will be of value to you in the USA of +-$80 000. I average between 1800 to 2500 pips a month, now I know not everyone can be at the computer as much as I do but I treat my trading like it is my job. And now I am about to get a Broker in Europe where I will trade in Euro which I will get an exchange rate of 10 to the ZAR.:) So guys maybe you should first be in life where I was before you get hungry enough to put in the hours and the effort I put in. I did not wait for a green and red light , I used my own savvy as well and made a huge success of it and figured trends on the chart that was the same as the automated strategies, even before David sold the automated strategies. Ok now let me guess Neil will say proof it, Jeff will say it’s a fake post ,cause Neil wants to be spoon fed and Jeff is just here to piss people off cause he earns more than this smearing other people’s names. I don’t have to proof anything to anyone, specially not people that put in more effort to smear other people instead of spending their time making money. You must all be out of your mind if you think I am going to divulge my personal stuff here to you. And I actually don't give a rats ass if you want to stay in life where you are. Or more likely you are the scared enemy itself posting here that makes a lot more money taking people money with you computer controlled trading. I must say I just love making money from Satan himself.LOL Thanks again David you where not a coincidence that crossed my life you where a God send. PS:Now you will not hear much from me anymore as you are wasting my valuable trading time, I might just pop in now and again to come and have a laugh at your worthless ranting. Kind Regards Fransa

#107 Consumer Comment

Jeff's Obsession

AUTHOR: Randall B. - Green Bay (United States of America)

SUBMITTED: Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jeff, you seem obsessed with David. Did he hit it with your wife or something? What's with this personal vendetta? Why don't you actually try trading the system? Is the system perfect? No, nothing is perfect. Does it work? It seems to for me. Cut your losses and let your winners run. David has created new videos for each of the last two days. You can tell he's not cherry picking his trades, because the software gives you the daily score. If you actually run strategy runner, you will see that the top number on the trading pad gives you the profit/loss for the day, and the bottom one gives you the profit/loss for the individual trade in which you are currently engaged. So if David was cherry picking his trades, you would see a large loss in the above box. Again, you seem to have some sort of personal issue with David. Why can't you remain on topic and discuss only the system? If you don't like the system, move on with your life.

#124 Consumer Comment

Code trading for real

AUTHOR: JDNeeman - (El Salvador)

SUBMITTED: Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hello, First of all my name is J Dennis Neeman Sarano, and i live in El Salvador at the time, i´m Israeli Army reservist and Agro-industrial Engineer, i have been trading Forex for about 6 years, and NO i´m not David, you can write me or call me at jdneeman@gmail.com or at my mobile 50379283218 to confirm my identity. the last year i came across David website oiltradingacademy, i bought David´s Secret code videos in the US and brought them with me but didnt had the time to watch them untill a month ago, i came to realize that the code was so obvious and real, and i started using it with my regular trading on forex specifically the EURUSD pair, if you have watched the videos you can properly identify the code and is amazing how other traders perform their trades using the code even if they dont know what the code is, you can search you tube real trades videos and look how the code just jump up most of the time, at the time i have started to trade Oil in my trading platform and have had a success rate of 70% and still working to get a higher success rate ( remember i only have 1 month trading with the code), then i saw the Macro code videos and i was set free!! i took only one trade a day using the macro code on EURUSD and Oil, my conclusion to people that come across this site and want to buy the secret code or macro code is: IS REAL, IT WORKS, IT´S PROFITABLE, AND IS NOT SCAM, please if you buy this and request some help i can help you with my little experience and of course David is there to help us all!, Wishing the best. J Dennis Neeman.

#127 Consumer Comment

Macro Code, BJ System

AUTHOR: Randall B. - Green Bay (United States of America)

SUBMITTED: Sunday, February 26, 2012

I don't know anything about David's Black Jack system. It sounds interesting, because I like math puzzles, but I haven't looked at it, so I can't comment on it. Keep in mind though, just because something's never been done before, doesn't mean it can't be done. I'm not saying David's on par with DesCartes, who "discovered" analytic geometry or Leibniz, who invented the calculus. I'm just saying. As for his claims of high percentages of success, what you say is accurate in a random market. However what David claims (and what imo appears to be the case) is that price action in the oil futures market is in fact NOT random, but is artificially contrived and manipulated. Now whether this is due to "The Illuminati" or merely algos of Goldman Sachs (is there any difference?) is neither here nor there. The fact is these are observable, repeatable and predictable phenomena. Now I just want to say something about the Macro code. Wow! LOL. I'm blown away by it. YO, JEFF! CHECK OUT THE MACRO CODE. For real. LOL. This is AWESOME. Seriously, I'm checking out these macro code videos, then going over my old charts that I've been saving for the past month while I was running the more introductory "secret code" videos. WOW man! I'm leaving a ton of money on the table!